A Powerful Hotel Booking Engine

protel’s Booking Engine enables hotels to customize the look and feel, tailor it to the exact needs, and create an unforgettable porte-cochère from which guests can be chauffeured through the booking process. From a technical standpoint, protel’s Booking Engine accesses the hotel’s PMS system in real-time to allow for instant online bookings and availability updates.


Key Booking Engine Features and Functionalities:

Fully In-Sync With Your Hotel Status

  • Realtime updates between the Booking Engine and the PMS
  • Easily accommodates the hotel’s cancellation policy 
  • Eliminates double-booking errors   
  • Quick-book dashboard linked to essential information within the PMS:   
    • Check-in check-out dates
    • Number of guests
    • Number of rooms

Upselling Capabilities

  • Multiple opportunities to upsell guest amenities & ancillaries 
  • Voucher-feature to create vouchers for guests. Eg. For spa treatments, meals and/or drinks  
  • Able to incorporate key upselling techniques such as: 
    • Urgency
    • Relevance 

Prominent Call to Action Button (CTA)

  • The CTA is the whole purpose of the Booking Engine 
  • Direct the customer to click this “buy now” button
  • The CTA button should be 
    • Bold and pronounced 
    • Intuitive 
    • Eye-catching 
  • The CTA button is fully customizable for these purposes


  • The Booking Engine should match the look and feel of the hotel website 
  • Subsequently, this should represent the hotel’s brand-values
  • Intuitive design
  • Multi-device compatibility 
  • Allows infinite customization to suit the hotel’s needs

Safe and Secure

  • SSL Certificate keeps the internet connection secure by safeguarding any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems
  • 100% PCI Compliance is delivered via the protel tokenizer to additionally safeguard credit card details, in line with the hotel’s PCI strategy

Secure Payment Gateway

  • protel Booking Engine offers safe and secure payment options, via certified, partnered vendors such as: 
    • Concardis
    • SIX Payment Services
    • PAYONE
    • and others

Content Management Tool:

  • Easy-to-use content management tool 
  • Instant image control
  • Essential to meeting and exceeding customer expectations
  • Allows use of High-resolution images
  • SEO optimization via Metadata input
  • Instant booking confirmation messaging
  • Multiple language functionality

protel Customer  Stories

“Since we started working with protel we have been delighted with both the service and the product.”







Raj Patel

Hotel Owner, Best Western Olde Maritim

“When directly comparing to the competition, the protel hotel system is definitely my absolute favorite!”
Timm Backhaus

General Manager, GHOTEL hotel & living

‘’protel PMS perfectly suits our needs and demands. protel guarantees smooth processes and solid reliability.’’


Heiko Fuhlendorf

Owner, Heikotel

“protel helped us to decrease the night audit from 4-5 hours to just 30 minutes.”
Alvida Surpia-Jones

General Manager, Coconut Hotel


How to Have Good Revenue Management in a World of Unknown Unknowns!

How to Have Good Revenue Management in a World of Unknown Unknowns!

By Ari Andricopoulos, CEO of RoomPriceGenie I’m going to guess that your 2020 didn’t go exactly as you had planned it.  And probably 2021 hasn’t been exactly what you thought it would be either. You aren’t alone, and I don’t think many of us can confidently predict...


Why should you choose protel as your PMS provider?

protel’s PMS provides a foundation upon which an endless technology stack can be added. 1000’s of integrations and endless possibilities. protel is the last PMS your hotel will ever need. 

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