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Built above the Enterprise Service BUS, CENTRAL is directly connected to all and any PMS within the hotel group. Designed to provide easy management of any number of hotels, protel CENTRAL controls the following operational areas:


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Profile Management

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Central Reservations

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Our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Powered by protel.I/O - the Enterprise Service BUS

What makes protel CENTRAL exceptional is the capabilities it derives from residing on top of protel I/O. This makes it possible to enable central management of any PMS that is connected to the Service BUS.

This brings incredible flexibility for our customers, e.g. it permits the easy onboarding of hotels to the group without forcing them to switch PMS vendor within a certain timeframe. We demonstrate this capability by connecting both the cloud and on-premise protel property management systems to protel CENTRAL.


Considering the geographical location of hotels in a single hotel group, our experience shows that a mix of cloud and on-premise PMS systems often is required. protel Central resolves this challenge by providing the necessary management tools for property management systems residing anywhere, on or above property.

An example of how protel Central manages configuration is shown below. The concept is easy:

Head Office

The head office team determines the maximum range of standard codes that can be used by any of the hotels in the estate.

One-click Standards

Codes are selected from the standard set and subscribed to the hotels that should use them with a one-click action.


Centralized Records

In case a configuration change should be rolled out to the estate, codes may be unsubscribed to by hotels with a one-click action. When a code is unsubscribed from, the code will become inactive at PMS level, it will not affect any future or past records.

Hotels are assigned to what we call organizational units, which allows a hotel group to categorize hotels in flexible groups. This feature lays the foundation to efficiently assign configuration, user permissions and distribution of standard rates across a custom set of hotels. 

protel CENTRAL technology overview and screens

centralized profiles

protel Central also manages centralized profiles. It controls the exchange of profiles between all connected property management systems in a subscription model, which ensures that each hotel only has visibility of the profiles which are relevant for them.

A sophisticated match and link tool is used to automatically maintain the central profiles, its configuration is presented in a wizard form which allows different match settings based on the source system. By having different match rules based on the source system, the ability to keep the profile database clean is greatly improved. 

  • As an example: reservations coming via a GDSCRS may never contain as much detail as those coming from the brand website, therefore there is much benefit to be had by forcing stricter match rules to profiles coming from the brand website source.
  • In addition, data relevant to profiles that are contributed by other vendors will be exposed via protel I/O. For example, this could be guest review data posted on Expedia/TripAdvisor about the profile, assuming that the hotel group uses a review-management vendor connected to I/O.

protel is completely different and packed with power!

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise today!

protel central

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling hotels everywhere to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.


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For over 25 years,
our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

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