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The happyhotel revenue and yield management system has a simple dashboard that supports the hotelier in the data analysis of the most important hotel KPI’s.

happyhotel is a cloud-based hotel software specially designed for small and medium-sized hotels but it can be used by all hotel sizes. Hoteliers can achieve more revenue without a great deal of prior knowledge.

The hotelier get past, current and future values of RevPar, Occupancy, ADR and Revenue. Through the booking pace graph and the on the books evaluation the hotelier can react to the current market conditions. Furthermore the hotelier can review every day the important reports and get an alert if the values do not correspond with the budget.

happyhotel use a special formula and an algorithm who gives the hotelier the best price recommendation for his hotel or each of your hotel segments and room types. With an interface to the hotel pms happyhotel get all data to analyze the hotel. happyhotel facilitates the hotelier's life through automatic processes so that he can concentrate on other things.

After you have tested the demo for free we can set up the happyhotel account with your hotel data and establish the connections to pms and channel manager.

All further details for this integration are available here .

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