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RateGain overview: RateGain is a technology company for customers in the travel and hospitality industry. RateGain operates across 3 key Industry verticals: Business intelligence (rate-shopping, demand forecasting and disparity analytics), Distribution (connecting over 191,000+ properties through DHISCO, channel management and content distribution) and marketing technology services (meta-search and social media management).

With a presence in over 72 countries, RateGain helps customers streamline their operations in distributions and sales.

Currently RateGain’s channel manager, RezGain, is integrated with Protel PMS. RezGain helps hotels distribute rates and inventory to over 1500 channels and deliver reservations back automatically to the Protel PMS. RezGain is a highly reliable and well established channel manager processing over 50m bookings / year with 99.6% Success Rate. Other key features of the channel manager include detailed reporting, automated mapping and the possibility to distribute content.

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