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The standard issues of any front office are pit checks, slow check-ins with long queues and seemingly endless boxes of filed registration cards. Hotels can now eliminate all these issues and have more efficient check-ins, with minimal errors on guest profiles and at a reduced cost as no pens or paper are required. Hotels that want to be able to effortlessly capture and store confidential guest information now have a simple, affordable and genuinely useful app that can do all of this for them. And it’s contactless! 


Go Contactless or Become Extinct! Suggests the WTO

The World Tourism Organization says that ”The future of travel is technology-based”. If another pandemic hits it could spell the closing down of the hotel industry for the remainder of the year or, it could become extinct altogether. Now is the time to be implementing contactless technology to protect staff and guests and ensure the survival of the hospitality industry. What technology is your hotel adopting to secure the future?

Click here and find out more about protel’s Digital Registration Card with contactless technology. 

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Key Digital Registration Card Features


Contactless Technology

  • Checkin can be done from behind a screen with no human contact required 
  • Guests and staff can keep a safe distance
  • Keep it personal with real-time screen-mirroring that allows the check-in clerk to provide guidance to the guest


  • All guest data is stored securely
  • Guests and staff can practice social distancing as the check-in process is done, anywhere, via a tablet 
  • Process and store all guest signatures digitally


  • Quick and cost-effective to install 
  • Speeds up the check-in process 
  • Saves resources and protects the environment

This software is only available for protel hotelsoftware users and it is by far the coolest hotel tech you can get.  So don’t be a dinosaur, click this link to find out more.

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