Make Hotel Maintenance Simple With protel’s Maintenance System

Maintenance systems are in place to reduce equipment failure, save money on parts and supplies, boost maintenance productivity, ensure timely delivery of maintenance, and extend the lifetime of assets. Therefore a hotel’s maintenance system really ought to have a smart way of managing all of these key functions. Below we discuss the features that a good maintenance system, like the one in protel PMS, should have.

Key Hotel Maintenance Features Available in protel Air

Maintenance System Layout

  • Add maintenance jobs to the schedule with ease 
  • Be able to set statuses for low and high priority items
  • Ticket statuses that can be toggled between “open”, “in progress” and then “closed”
  • A dropdown menu for making quick maintenance tickets with the click of a button
  • “Add Photo” feature so that any staff member can take a picture and the maintenance department can see exactly what is wrong and what needs to be done about 

Maintenance Reporting

  • Budget vs Actual tool for optimizing budget spend
  • Estimated vs actual time of completion function to ensure staff are not messing around
  • Assigned specific repairs and maintenance to specific staff to ensure someone takes accountability

protel Hotel Customer Stories

“protel SPE allows us to perform efficient cost-saving operations – it also allows us to increase our annual sales.”

Alexandru Negrut
Front Office Manager Best Western Hotel Sibiu, Romania

ghotel text

“When directly comparing to the competition, the protel hotel system is definitely my absolute favorite!”

Timm Backhaus
General Manager, GHOTEL hotel & living, Bochum, Germany

zeus international

‘’protel PMS perfectly suits our needs and demands. protel guarantees smooth processes and solid reliability.’’

Heiko Fuhlendorf
Heikotel, Germany

grecotel logo

“By switching to protel, we’re excited to have a more robust system that gives us the flexibility and maximize properties potential.’’

May Cabauatan
Director Of Revenue Management
Coconut Waikiki Hotel, USA

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Why does every hotel need a maintenance management system?

Maintenance system is important because it helps reduce equipment failure, save money on parts and supplies, boost maintenance productivity, ensure timely delivery of maintenance, and extend the lifespan of assets.

What is a hotel PMS and why do you need one?

A property management system (PMS) is a set of solutions that hoteliers use to manage their day-to-day hotel operations activities such as reservations, front deskhousekeepingmaintenancebilling and invoicinganalytics and reporting.

What are the top 3 hotel maintenance features?

he top 3 features are the maintenance dashboard, intuitive design and room status updates. Find out more about protel Maintenance

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