How to Simplify Your Hotel’s Check-Ins with protel AIR

Your guests come to your hotel to unwind and possibly attend a conference in the most relaxed setting possible. However, they could be coming from situations with tons of stress or be travel weary. 

The only thing on their minds is to let your staff know they’ve arrived and to enjoy what is beyond the hotel front desk. However, checking in can be a bit of a chore.

Miscommunication is rife, and it is easy for tempers to flare. Nobody wants that. 

Instead, you want both your guests and staff to have a smooth and effortless experience. That’s precisely what you will get with protel AIR, protel’s cloud-based property management system

This system is designed to get your guests into their rooms and onwards to what they fancy in the shortest amount of time possible. Here’s how it works.

Optimized for Minimal Clicks to Complete Core Tasks

To shorten the amount of time your guests stand at the hotel front desk waiting to check-in, you have to look at the workflow to get the task done. 

That’s the direction protel AIR takes to improve the guest experience. The PMS company that has been around since 2009 has a redesigned user interface that is optimized for quick one-click operations and fast navigation.

All the information your staff needs is presented to them on an easy-to-follow screen. The redesign is a win for the entire UI/UX design team and the engineers, but more importantly, it is a win for your guests and staff. 

The speed of operations means improved processes. It leaves the right impression on your guests from the moment they set foot in your establishment.   

Guided Paths for your Bespoke Workflows

Let’s face it; you like getting things done in a certain way. It’s not just the things you do in your private life but also in your daily workflow. 

You have found the most efficient way for your unique needs and want it implemented the way you’d like. Unfortunately, a good number of computerized systems will force you to follow the workflow they set out for you in the software.

This can be disorienting and even bring about delays as your staff tries to get things done. 

Well, protel AIR does things a bit differently. With this innovative Cloud-based Property Management System , you can customize the workflow in the system – even on a user-level (designed for individuals – it is a thing – and, it’s built right into protel AIR). 

This allows you to get as much information to your staff as possible or even optimize the system for a speedy workflow, just the way you like it.

Do you Have the Right Guest?

The flurry of activity during hotel business hours can mean it is only a matter of time before someone at the hotel front desk slips up in some way. 

The most common occurrence is when one of your staff mixes up guest details. For example, it could be forgetting to check in the guest or close the reservation. In some cases, you could even mix up guests and their preferences. 

With some hotel property management systems, that would be a nightmare to try and sort out. The calls to be made and approvals sought can make trying to rectify those mistakes quite a hassle.

protel AIR was engineered with solutions to these issues in mind. 

The new system makes it easier to sort through guests and hash out exactly what they had booked. If staff or guests made mistakes during the booking, it’s now much simpler to correct those mistakes.

Make Changes on the Fly

This section borrows from the previous example of making a mistake while going about your day-to-day business at the hotel. 

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be an error; a guest may ask for something different from what they had booked.

Even if you didn’t get it right the first time around, the protel AIR PMS makes things uncomplicated for the employee making the bookings and the respective changes. 

All the guest’s information is conveniently placed in a single window. 

With just a few clicks, you can add amenities to the guest’s booking, add rooms and credit card details, and even get the guest to approve changes on the fly.

Help your Guest to Enable you Get It Right

Human relations are never really forthright. Sometimes, the right message can get lost in the course of communication, translation, or understanding. 

While your staff may be communicating one thing, your guests could be sharing something different. 

protel AIR, being an intuitive system, makes connecting with guests and fulfilling their wishes easy and convenient.

The guests can simply communicate what they wish to have on their booking, and the staff can respond with what’s available or what isn’t. So your guests can help make your work quick and straightforward.

Room-key Management, from Cutting to Replacement

An important aspect of a hotel property management system is the access that guests have to facilities. 

Depending on the packages you want your guests to choose from, you may want to enable them to access different facilities bundled in the package. 

This intuitive PMS makes it easy to cut keys and enable or disable features on the spot, as per the guest’s requests. 

What’s more, you can even replace the keys easily should they be rendered unusable or even lost.

All this is done with a simple click on the guest’s profile in the system. The keys can be valid for the period of the guest’s booked stay, or you can extend their validity if you so wish.


The protel AIR cloud-based PMS is a feature-packed system. The intuitive design makes it easy for your staff to work confidently while serving your guests, even if it’s their first day. 

They can immediately familiarize themselves with the system and get working on assigned tasks. 

The simplicity of the system streamlines your staff’s workflow and eases the check-in process for your guests.  

However, everything that has been mentioned here is just a taste of what this system is capable of. A demo will give you a hands-on feel for the system. Want to try it out for yourself? Start here!

Perhaps you would like to learn more about what protel has to offer? Here you can find out the 10 best ways to reduce your hotel’s operational expenses.

Don’t have the time to read? Not a problem. Watch our in-depth video series about how protel AIR improves each and every process throughout all hospitality operations. 


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