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A global, multicultural company, founded in Dortmund, Germany. protel hotelsoftware has been developing and selling technology and service solutions specifically for the hotel industry and related sectors for more than 25 years. The consistent focus on the demands of a single industry makes protel one of the most experienced and successful providers of hospitality technology. In fact, we are a worldwide leader in hotel technology solutions.

More than 14,000 hotels in 93 countries run a protel Property Management System. The protel hospitality platform is the best-in-class for hotels and hotel groups that want a sophisticated solution for their eco-system, with flexibility and world-class quality. It connects all types of hospitality technologies in one standard, accessible framework. This framework is backed, administered and developed by a world-leading hotel technology provider.

About the protel Team

protel family

The protel headquarter team consists of more than 250 team members, where more than 70 are developers and more than 100 are dedicated to our global support and deployment infrastructure. Our team values operate under the #protelfamily concept, where a good life/work balance is in focus. It has derived great initiatives such as summer holiday camps for employee’s children and adapting a dog-friendly office policy.

Global Network

protel operates with 50+ distributors around the globe, the vast majority in partnership for more than 15 years. Our strategy is to continue and expand this model for multiple reasons:

1) we have a firm belief that the hospitality industry requires pro-active support on a local level and in their own language

2) the velocity of change in geographical markets can only be responded too by having a local presence and know-how

3) the finer details of legal requirements can best be understood and swiftly applied by having teams with local translation and interpretation skills.

Global Experience

protel has 25 years of business to look back on. Much has changed over the years, but one thing has remained carved in stone – our commitment and passion for creating the best hotel software. 


protel is founded


A PMS with GUI is launched as “protel SPE”


Banquet is added to SPE


Sales & Marketing is added to SPE


Web Booking Engine is released


Multi Property management is released


protel’s PMS manages the Olympic Village in Greece


Expansion into Dubai


protel’s PMS manages the Olympic Village in Beijing


BookatOnce cloud-based PMS is launched


iOS hotel management apps are released


HTML cloud-based PMS is launched


Investments are made into incub8 & Xn Hotel Systems


The release of protel I/O integration hub


Release vendor agnostic multi property
protel’s app store “Marketplace” is launched


protel Air launches new UI/X

Integrated digital signature & ID scan is added to protel Air

COVID-19 relief pricing module introduced


protel combines with Planet, Proximis, Hoist Group and Datatrans

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