HOORAY!! protel Air gives hoteliers some good news during these tough times. 

protel Air will be doing a slightly bigger upgrade than normal this time around but DON’T PANIC!! All the features that you know and love will still be available. We are tweaking the look and a feel just a little bit to make it easier for you to use, quicker to access program functions (check-ins, guest profiles, new reservations, etc.) and giving you access to some new and exciting things you will learn about soon… In order to ensure you are in good hands, we have made some videos and put them below where we will show you, point by point, how all these amazing new features work. 

In this time of caring and sharing, this major upgrade is our gift to you as a loyal customer.

How will protel Air further benefit you, your staff and your guests?  

“Easy to learn, easy to use, and easy to teach”

The purpose-built user scenes are incredibly intuitive, making it very easy for both young and experienced employees to get to work right away
The number of clicks to perform and operate (such as check-in or out) has been reduced so receptionists can reduce wait time for guest
Increased use of drag and drop means a lot of functions can now be completed by a simple “drag”
Natively available on mobile – no need to use a separate app to access your PMS no matter where you are!

Access to protel Marketplace  – download a new app with one click


protel Marketplace will give you access to all the latest hotel-related technologies. At the click of a button, you will be able to activate over 1,000 integrations to software vendors like:

Revenue Management Software
Doorlock Software
F&B Software
Upsell Software
CRM Software

Did you know that pain is processed in the same part of the brain as loneliness?

So don’t torture yourself, watch these videos now and join the leading hoteliers who are already preparing for the future. Click below to learn more about your protel Air and all the fun and exciting things we have added for you:
Homescreen Features and Functionalities

In this video, we will walk you through the latest protel Air upgrade. We will give you an overview of the new home screen functionalities and layout. After watching this video, you will know where to find all of the most important functions needed for your daily operations. You will also have a better understanding of the new look and feel

Front Desk: Create New Guest Profile

In this video, we will familiarise you with guest profiles and the different options you have to create new ones. In protel Air, you can see all guest data at a glance and we explain the different sections and buttons that you’ll find in the guest profile as well as learn how to enter guest data with the help of our new integrated voice-to-text function.

Front Desk: Create New Reservations

In this video, we learn the different ways to create new reservations in protel Air with only a few clicks. We start with the reservation enquiry and proceed to create reservations via the room plan or via the room type plan that you already know from your current protel Air version. Find out how to put reservations into the shopping cart and how to benefit from the snooze function which is a new feature in the upgrade of protel Air. Get familiar with the reservation dialogue the buttons and the menu bar.

Front Desk: Check-In

Now that you know how to create guest profiles and how to create new reservations, you are ready to perform your first check-in in the upgraded version of protel Air. Discover in this video how to start and go through the check-in wizard that makes checking in guests very easy and intuitive. Get to know the add-on software such as passport scanner and digital registration card which you can add to your protel Air PMS.

Front Desk: Check-Out

Watch this video to learn how the check out process works in protel Air. Discover the invoice overview and where to find all the essential billing functions that you are already familiar with. Learn how easy it is to edit the invoice, how to post charges and payments and how to print/send different types of invoices.


How do I get my team ready for the upgrade?

The new version is so intuitive that we are quite confident that any hotel colleauge will feel comfortable using it even without training – however, its always best to be prepared right? That’s why we have created learning videos that we advise all hotel colleauges to watch in advance of the upgrade. They are short and informative and gives everyone a good idea of what is coming.

Where do I find all learning videos for this upgrade?

You can find all learning videos on our youtube channel, the upgrade playlist is here:

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVSksTlfhtLTvIUGp160QqBJdrZz087Bm (English videos)

https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVSksTlfhtLTL4b559x59dBH1tKPTianu (German subtitle link)

Can I book an individual training for my hotel?

Absolutely. If you feel that the learning videos are not enough to get your team ready, please reach out to your protel representative and we can organize an on site or online training for you.

Will the upgrade cost me anything?
No, all this amazing stuff is for free.
Will there be downtime?
No, when the upgrade has been completed you will be presented with a new login screen and you are all set to go.
Will I use the same URL to login to protel Air?
The new URL is https://app.protel.net – but if you dont remember and use the old URL you will automatically be redirected to the new one.
When will my upgrade exactly take place?

The upgrade will take place in May and you will receive an email notification at least 48 hours prior.

Will the system upgrades continue to be bi-weekly?

Yes – the regular bi-weekly upgrades will remain as they have in the past.

Can I have access to this version in advance of the upgrade?

No, the version is only available once the upgrade is complete, just like the usual bi-weekly upgrades.

Will the usernames and PWs be the same?

Once the upgrade is complete, you will login as usual and be presented with three different options:
1) First Time User
2) User Already Created
3) Continue to Setup
Follow the steps for each option.

Will the user permissions be the same?

No, you will need to adjust the user permissions. To learn how to do so, please review the training video available on this page. We suggest that you do this with urgency, so that you can align your teams permissions.

Will all my reservations still be there?
Yes, this is just an upgrade so none of your data will be lost.
Will my Voyager still work and how can I change the settings?

Voyager will work exactly as before, and you will have access to the settings via the same configuration screen as before. Please follow the options in the login screen.

Will all my profiles still be there?
Yes, this is just an upgrade so none of your data will be lost.
Will I still have the same functionality?
Yes, you will still enjoy the same functionality as before – it might look different, and probarly even better!
Will I still have access to my old screens?
No, once the upgrade is complete then you will no longer have access to the old screens.
Will I have to redo my configuration?
No, this is just an upgrade so none of your data will be lost.
Will my templates still be there?

Yes, your old templates will work just like before. If you experience any problem, please call your standard support number and they will help you right away.

Will all my interfaces work after the upgrade?

Yes, all interface connection will stay the same and there will be no downtime.

Will my automatic Messenger emails still work?

Yes, all mails triggered by Messenger will continue to work.

Is there an online help?

Yes – the basics will be there, and more will be coming in the next weeks.

Does the upgrade have any impact on PCI?

No, all elements that are relevant for PCI are uneffected by this upgrade and remain exactly as before.

My interfaces are no longer working, what do I do?
Oh no! You should call your standard support number and they will help you right away.
My back office export did not generate in the Night Audit, what do I do?
Oh no! You should call your standard support number and they will help you right away.
The pulse screens in the overview section does not show any data!

Oh no! You should call your standard support number and they will help you right away.

Are you replacing Flash ?

Yes, the flash component will be entirely phased out. After this upgrade you will see that some elements are still used in the configuration area, these will be gradually transformed to the new look & feel.

How do I access my configuration?

There are two ways:
Either at the login screen select “Continue to Setup”, or within the new version navigate to the app launcher and select settings. This will take you to the old setup screens. These screens will be transitioned to the new version in phases, and will enventually disapear.

How can I change my settings for WBE5?

Access to the settings of the booking engine will be through the same screens as before. Please follow the options in the login screen.

If you have any questions, please contact: ten.letorp@snoitseuQedargpu
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