Grecotel Chain, Greece

Increasing revenue, enhancing customer loyalty and gaining a competitive advantage using protel’s Multiple Property Edition.


Grecotel Chain, Greece

The name of Grecotel is synonymous with quality hotels, personalized service, traditional Greek hospitality and concern for the environment and culture of Greece. Almost four decades since its formation in 1981, Grecotel S.A. is the largest hotel chain in Greece with 32 resort hotels and a total bed capacity of over 12,000 beds. Grecotel Resort hotels (4*and 5*)  are located in Crete, Corfu, Chalkidiki, West Peloponnese, Rhodes, Mykonos, Kos, Athenian Riviera, Athens, Larissa, and Alexandroupolis.


protel Partner: HIT Greece


protel Core Product: protel MPE (Multiple Property Edition)

“We absolutely made the right decision when we invested in protel MPE.”

Panagiotis Mantzouneas

IS Director, Grecotel S.A.


The Grecotel Chain were not satisfied with the existing and dated DOS-based Property Management System. As technology has evolved and online booking systems have become an essential route to market, the firm was looking for a ‘state of the art solution’ which was robust, effective and future-proof. The business was keen to invest in solutions which would offer continuous improvements to keep up to date and continually enhance their customer’s journey.

Being the biggest hotel chain in Greece, the firm was looking for a system which was intuitive, user-friendly and which would work across all 30 properties in the group. Any replacements for the current static system had to operate as a single solution for managing each property. The initial offer had to convince not just the hotel management teams but also needed to fit with the longer term strategies for Grecoctel’s founders and owners.


protel MPE met all the requirements that were stipulated during initial conversations and was the perfect choice for a chain of hotels. The package that was offered included data migration from the old system, which protel MPE is more than capable of delivering, and extensive training across all 30 hotels. protel’s state of the art technology, open architecture and user-friendly software allows clients to work efficiently. This efficiency enhances customer service, delighting guests and turning them into loyal brand ambassadors for Grecotel.

Business Impact

The system was easy to learn so was quickly embedded into the business, and all the employees really value the system. The ability to link into protel using mobile apps is really useful and saves expensive man-hours. Apart from the core PMS software Grecotel are successfully using many of the additional modules such as mobile apps and other interfaces. This enables the chain to improve workflows, save man-hours, significantly increase revenue and boost core business to the next level.

Excellent reporting features ensure that senior teams and decision makers are fully informed about each hotel, and protel works with BI from Serenissima providing the ability to drill down into finite detail round individual reservations and revenues. External connectivity has enhanced operations in the hotels and improved the number and value of bookings. Bookings and, even more importantly, repeat customers have increased as a result of the protel CloudCenter which sends out information and communications to guests (which has also reduced paper-based processes in line with the chain’s concern for the environment).

“We absolutely made the right decision when we invested in protel MPE. They are unrivaled because they have provided us with the perfect tools to gain a competitive advantage. We see protel as a very close partner, almost like colleagues who work with us every day. This has been achieved because of protel’s continuous commitment, engagement, and dedication. We look forward to growing our business together.”

Panagiotis Mantzouneas

Panagiotis Mantzouneas

IS Director

Grecotel S.A., Greece


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