Client: OneShot Hotels

The group’s portfolio includes: Prado 23, Madrid – In the heart of the popular Las Letras district. Recoletos 04, Madrid – In the exclusive Salamanca district. Luchana 22, Madrid – In the traditional Chamberí neighbourhood. Fortuny 07, Madrid – Next to Paseo de la Castellana. Colón 46, Valencia – On the main shopping street in the city centre. Palacio Reina Victoria 04, Valencia – Next to the popular Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Mercat 09, Valencia – In the old town of Valencia. Palacio Conde De Torrejón 09, Sevilla – In the heart of Seville’s old town. Tabakalera House, San Sebastián – Inside the Tabakalera International Centre for Contemporary Culture. 

Supported by: Serenissima ES

Core protel product: protel MPE (Multi-Property – On-Premise)

Picture-Perfect Result with OneShot Hotels and protel

OneShot Hotels are all unique and different with an eye for artistic flair. Their mission is to be the gold standard in terms of personal service, comfort, design and quality. OneShot needed a technology partner that understood their vision and would work with them to achieve their goals. protel proved to be just the hospitality technology partner they were looking for. 


Having multiple properties, with vastly different technologies and interfaces was causing messaging problems between interfaces and properties. Standardizing PMS operational procedures was also proving tricky as each hotel is unique, therefore, having its own unique requirements. The PMS OneShot Hotels had in place had poor data quality and a lack of automated guest communication technology. Imperatively, it did not have the functionality to generate reports, streamline reservation procedures and optimize revenue management. COVID-19 also created an immediate need to digitize the guest journey, reduce contact and implement COVID-19 health protocols.


Colleagues recommended protel MPE to OneShot and it was first installed back in 2017, in a single, small, 22 bedroom property that had just opened. Juanma Garcia, Sales & Revenue Manager at OneShot Hotels, was quite impressed by protel’s software, saying:

“protel met all of our requirements. It is user friendly, advanced, and flexible enough to adapt to a diverse portfolio of properties. It has advanced levels of settings and features and the support is fast, friendly and helpful”.

OneShot Hotels now uses protel MPE in all their properties. They use 4 of protel’s products to improve operational efficiency: 

  • Voyager – Empowers guests and staff to make the most of their time, by providing mobile tools and digital concierges
  • Messenger – Creates a contactless, personalized, guest experience and keep guests informed all the way through the digital guest journey 
  • Advanced Reporting and Reservations – Enables simple and effective revenue management  
  • ESB – A multifaceted messaging component that operates directly from the PMS – enables all their systems, interfaces and integrations to communicate seamlessly with top-quality data integrity

Business Impact

OneShot Hotels is now able to connect to interfaces that they weren’t able to connect to before, giving staff additional time to attend to direct calls and concentrate on providing guests with the best possible experience. Using protel has also had positive results on the quality of their data which has led to a better understanding of the business allowing OneShot Hotels to adopt more effective growth strategies. Messenger and Voyager have also provided multiple opportunities for cross-selling and they help them to maintain constant communication with their guests which has led to improved guest loyalty. As a result of the prevention measures taken against COVID-19, OneShot Hotels have received the Safe Tourism Certification approved by the Institute for Spanish Tourism Quality (ICTE).

“protel MPE offers a user-friendly hotel technology solution that is highly adaptable for a diverse range of properties and their requirements. The friendly and effective staff provide professional technical and practical support based on a wealth of broad industry knowledge.”

Juanma García

Sales & Revenue Director at One Shot Hotels

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