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The Old Town Hotels group are steeped in deep history, grand architecture, and some of the most beautiful and elegant designs that any lucky traveller may come across, however that in no way means they are stuck in the past. The hotel group, composed of the Art Deco Imperial and the Art Nouveau Palace, just to name a few, wanted to streamline workflows, optimise housekeeping and have multi-property functionality. The hotel group needed a flexible PMS provider that is solutions-driven… enter protel.

Client: Old Town Hotels

The group’s portfolio includes Art Deco Imperial – a legendary art deco hotel in the heart of Prague with traditional values established in 1914. Art Nouveau Palace –  designed for the needs of leisure and business guests. Cosmopolitan – contemporary luxury and traditional glamour. Metropol Praha – popular not only with tourists of all ages but with businessmen and members of congresses. Astoria and Ambiance – superb location and an ideal starting point for discovering the beauty of Prague.

Supported by: ASW Systems a.s.

Core protel product: protel MPE


Old Town Hotels needed a PMS provider for multiple properties comprising both of 4 and 5-star hotels. It was imperative that the installation was quick and efficient. The hotel technology provider had to be able to manage multiple properties across multiple hotel categories. The Art Deco Imperial, home to internationally renowned chef Zdeněk Pohlreich, needed a PMS that had the functionality that would allow them to unify their procedures and teams, as well as streamline workflows throughout the hotel group. A request for proposal was submitted and multiple different providers applied. protel was ultimately chosen as they provided the largest flexibility and had the widest range of functions out of all the applicants. 

“I believe the price-performance ratio is great and the support is magnificent and fast.”

Jan Dubský

Owner, Old Town Hotels


No installation of any new software or other technology is ever seamless. What matters most is having the staff with the skills to deal with problems as they arise and to anticipate issues and proactively resolve them. protel’s team was able to onboard all the interfaces and train up the hotel staff in no time at all. The main area that stood out for Old Town Hotels staff is the personal touch that protel provides and how they are willing to cater the system to their specific needs. The cherry on top is how protel is able to understand the market segment that Old Town Hotel’s represent and they are able to provide valuable input and make suggestions that benefit the hotel group as a whole.

Business Impact

Due to protel being a full technology stack Old Town Hotels were able to add multiple interfaces i.e. Card Readers, Passport Scanners, Digital Registration Cards, etc.. protel’s mobile app has streamlined the housekeeping department, decreasing turnover time for rooms as well as providing real-time data to reception so that guests can get checked-in ASAP. The sheer volume of reports available, and that the reports can be customized to provide information on every aspect of the hotel, has decreased the lead time for the decision-making process by management 10 fold while making them flexible with mobile apps at the same time. Another great benefit that led to increased revenue generation was that having a sophisticated view across all properties and on top a matured 2-way interface with the channel manager. These aspects speed up price adjustments and thus revenue, considerably.  

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