Client: Grand Hotel Don Gregorio

A unique 17 bedroom hotel with amazing detail and comfort located in the historic centre of Salamanca, Spain.

Supported by:  Serenissima Informática

Core protelproduct: protel Air

Luxury and Technology in a 15th Century Palace. 

There are not many hotels around the world that can boast having over 500 years of history encapsulated in its architecture. The Grand Hotel Don Gregorio prides itself on being a delightful example of taste and luxury. A reflection of the centuries that have already passed with a great selection of modern services and facilities. protel was brought in to integrate a modern technology stack into their hotel to ensure they remain technologically relevant for the next 500 years.


Grand Hotel Don Gregorio was facing a similar issue to many hoteliers, they wanted to add new technology (upgraded PMS, Web Booking Engine and Channel Manager) to enhance operations and bring in new guests but they needed all their solutions to communicate with one another seamlessly. The challenge was to find a vendor-neutral PMS that could stand at the core of the hotel’s technology stack. Enabling them to employ true best-of-breed technology solutions that would have a positive financial impact on the bottom line and enable them to improve operational efficiency.


protel Air enabled Grand Hotel Don Gregorio to connect multiple unlimited HTNG-coded integrations to their PMS. protel’s system creates an environment where they can aggregate all specialist technology behavior to a central level, thus creating a secure, vendor-neutral, open infrastructure to store, access, integrate and use data from any touchpoint in real-time. By utilizing protel Air, Don Gregorio were able to integrate their third-party Channel Manager and Web Booking Engine to their Property Management System and have them communicate flawlessly with zero data disparity or loss.

Business Impact

According to Beatriz Bernal, GM at Don Gregorio, “All the day-to-day processes, from an operation and administration perspective are far more efficient and staff have noticed that there is less downtime due to system-related issues”. The three user interface areas that the Don Gregorio staff have noticed the greatest impact is: On the PMS’s home screen, which contains a comprehensive yet uncluttered summary of all the daily operations’ most imperative data. The housekeeping home screen, where changing room statuses is fast, simple and even “fun”. And, the billing and invoicing screen, which has also made a big difference in that invoicing is now a breeze. Staff can easily generate invoices of all kinds (Pro-forma, fiscalization, interim, advance, etc.) and easily add all the details that guests require. The area with the biggest impact on the bottom line is the integration to the Channel Manager. New bookings are automatically updated in the PMS and because the parameters can be clearly defined beforehand, overbookings, data entry errors and missed bookings are a thing of the past. 

Here’s what Beatriz Bernal, General manager of  Grand Hotel Don Gregorio, says about protel:

“protel allows us to manage, in a very efficient and effective way, all areas of the hotel. protel Air is very easy and intuitive to use.”

“We are wowed by consistently good and professional service.”

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