Coconut and Shoreline Waikiki Hotels, USA

The award winning family friendly Coconut Waikiki Hotel has 3.5 stars and offers 81 rooms and suites. The Shoreline Hotel Waikiki has 3 stars and 135 rooms and suites. The Waikiki Hotels are located 5 minutes from famous Waikiki beach on the main island Oahu, Hawaii.

protel Core Product: protel Air

Interviewee: Alvida Surpia-Jones, General Manager

protel and Coconut Waikiki, USA

While Covid-19 hit the hospitality industry world wide, protel introduced it’s cloud-based PMS, protel Air, at Coconut Waikiki Hotel in Honolulu and Shoreline Waikiki in Oahu, Hawaii.

A comprehensive offer of 2-way interfaces and a convincing feature range formed the supporting parts in the process of finding a new property management system for their 2 hotels. The hotel’s motto “Ohana” means “family”, that’s what their boutique hotel is all about – a perfect match for the #protelfamily – the worldwide club of over 14,000 hotels who run on protel.

The decision to choose protel Air as our PMS was an easy one. We were looking for a feature-rich PMS that also offered robust reporting.”

Alvida Surpia-Jones

General Manager, Coconut Waikiki Hotel


The previous On-prem PMS they used had minimal features, an outdated interface and limited reporting and analytics functionality. Simple 1-way integrations severely limited many critical business processes. Furthermore, missing yielding functionality was a real obstacle to professional, and highly needed, rate management.

Why protel?

Alvida Surpia-Jones explained “protel was the only PMS vendor who was able to fulfill all our requirements, and to complete the entire implementation process within our tight two-week window.” Being able to offer a mature, feature-rich cloud-based PMS built on sophisticated and reliable technology while also offering a fast installation set-up and training, protel Air naturally moved up to first choice.

As soon as it was discovered that protel is highly recommended by other innovative hoteltech vendors on the market, the decision was even easier to make.

“I really like the abilities to schedule reports. We don’t print anything anymore. The reports get emailed out to us automatically.” – Alvida Surpia-Jones


Alvida and her team were overwhelmed after the switch to protel Air within only 2 weeks. “protel was also able to perform the switch during the day, just like that. Fast, easy and efficient.  No one had to stay overnight with lots of coffee and little sleep to monitor the process and grab the back-ups. We could hardly believe it.” A single point of contact simplified the coordination and gave the hotel team peace of mind.

The cloud-based hotel software is easy to adopt. Coming along with a great set of features, sound yielding functionality and customizable digital reporting sent via email bring the most benefits to Alvida and her team, finally enabling them to act, not just react. On top of that, the team simply loves how the daily night audit procedure could be reduced from multiple hours down to only 30 minutes. 

protel Air saves both the Coconut Waikkiki and the Shoreline Hotel teams valuable time. Instead of frustration and software administration they can spend more valuable time with their guests and invest it in delighting visitors with their famous “aloha spirit”. Finally, with the enriched yield management system, they are able to establish professional rate management and take control over driving their revenue.  


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