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A modern PMS is the center of hotel operations. Choose one that allows for seamless integration to the best hotel technology available.


Today, and in the future.

protel pms is different

protel’s aim is to firmly establish protel PMS as the new standard for collaborative and flexible, hotel-led PMS’s worldwide.

See how protel is flexible

Effortlessly Customizable

See how protel is effortlessly customizable


Secure Guest Data


Is secure guest data important?

Why cloud-based?

Always Up-to-date

This software updates automatically!

Flexible Banquet & Conference

See how to maximize MICE revenue.

See why we also offer hosted and on-prem solutions

360-degree Housekeeping

Connected, smart Housekeeping & Maintenance

Mobile Front Office

Swiftly check-in and attend to guests wherever they may be

Our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.


Thanks to the power of the integrated protel Hospitality Platform, the PMS is always up-to-date with all current business intelligence. This allows hotels to perform optimally at all times, not having to wait for end-of-day reports to update mission-critical systems. Vendor-neutrality at its heart, the protel PMS uniquely offers:

1,000's of integrations

Simple one-click connections to leading 3rd-party providers, via the Marketplace. The PMS need never be outdated or without the latest industry technology.

Real-time reporting & analytics

The PMS is automatically connected via the Platform to tools such as protel GENIUS, collecting and analyzing hotel data, not just from guest-touchpoints but also from all connected systems such as IDS and RM

Code-your-own solution

Via the open API’s it is possible to connect to any custom solution. Bring your own development team too!


Effortlessly Customizable

The heart of a protel PMS is the ability to customize and interact with smart lists. This feature is powerful, as it allows each hotel to decide which specific operational information should be displayed first.

The smart lists are incorporated in each element of the cloud-based protel PMS, making even the reservation screen truly flexible, right down to the individual user level. 

Always Up-to-date

protel PMS is hosted by the #1 cloud service provider in the world, Amazon AWS, as standard. Reliable, scalable and secure. Due to the native cloud design & architecture, protel is able to provide regular background upgrades every two weeks. Without any operational interruption, the latest features are delivered instantly, to all customers. 

On-Prem solutions take advantage of our own Webservices and recreate much of this flexibility.

Mobile Front Office

Mobility is not only about check-in and check-out, but our belief is also that constant data access will enable the employee to provide superior guest service anytime, anywhere.

Familiar User-interface

protel PMS includes an extension of the familiar user interface embedded in an app that gives the user access to all features required for mobile operations.


Selective Information

The smart lists that are unique to protel PMS are available in the app; information exposure can be designed down to the detailed column level, e.g. arrivals, departures, VIP arrivals, manager overview, cash lists, birthday information – the options are as individual as each hotel is.

Device Independant

The native app is available for both iOS and Android devices, with automatic updates available when new features are introduced.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise today!

360-degree Housekeeping

Designed for efficiency, the simple to use mobile housekeeping app links housekeeping, maintenance, and front desk staff to ensure a smooth collaboration, share live information and save valuable time.

  • Overview of the housekeeping status of all rooms
  • Ability to update the room status
  • Create or edit a maintenance request, including photo upload of the damaged item
  • Posting of SKU’s such as minibar items
  • Manage minibar stocking/refills
  • Track, create or edit lost and found items
  • Mobile and interactive attendant sheets

The native app is available for both iOs and Android devices, with automatic updates available when new features are introduced. The offline cache option secures uninterrupted operations in locations where wi-fi black spots may exist, avoiding further investments in wi-fi infrastructure and providing a stable user experience.

protel is completely different and packed with power!


Guest Data

When PA-DSS/PCI was introduced to the PMS world, protel was the first to implement tokenization of credit card details, making it one of the most secure hotel software offerings in the world. 

Secure Storage

No credit card details are stored in any protel product. Instead, all card details are encrypted and held in a secure offsite vault.


Data Encryption

All card details are encrypted and held in a secure offsite vault, leaving only placeholder tokens behind in protel.

Minimize Risk

The encrypted tokens in protel are of no commercial value to thieves whatsoever, and protel systems are therefore uninteresting to hackers. They will look elsewhere instead.

Hosted and On-Premises Also Available

protel PMS is also available as an on-premises or as a hosted service solution, making it an ideal choice for hotels that for any reason do not wish, or are unable to make use of a cloud product at this time. 

Use this feature for:

  • Hybrid cloud solutions
  • Restrictive local regulatory stipulations
  • Hosting via Enterprise Cloud etc.

Flexible Banquet & Conference

Banquet management in a protel PMS provides comprehensive and detailed features that allow large-scale banquet and conference operations to execute their tasks efficiently.

The flexible banquet event order can be customized easily, designed to optimize communication between all involved departments. 

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling hotels everywhere to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.


Live hotels on PMS


Vendor integrations


Countries worldwide


For over 25 years,
our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

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