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Vendor-neutral, reliable, fast-paced, low-cost build-and-deploy cycles for anyone who relies on #hoteltechnology.


Modern hotel business.

Over 14,000 hotels prefer protel

protel is different

Enabling real-time decision-making across multiple vendor products to break down hospitality data-silos


Does unified data free up technology?

Central Control

Do you want centralized control of properties/technology?

Smart Reporting

Reports lacking complete data?

Additions/customizations with App store simplicity?

Dev Tools

Distributable development tool-set


Enterprise BUS


ESB provides the magic

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling individual hotels, hotel groups, and chains to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.

Does the hospitality industry need platform technology?

We think that simplifying the integration process, making it rapid and reliable while reducing costs, will lead to the industry innovation breakthroughs that have long been promised.


Limitless technology choice

Allowing hotels to pick, mix and test cutting-edge technologies across the whole group, combining existing solutions with new functions from vendors otherwise outside their practical reach, will invigorate the market.

One-click deployment

An ever-growing product palette comprising the best technologies from across all vendors is ready to be connected and customized by mouse-click, delivering a highly performant and individual solution to each and every hotel.


End vendor lock-in!

Vendor-neutrality will finally allow hotels to deploy true best-of-breed technological solutions, with no one vendor dictating “preferred” connectivity.

The protel PLATFORM enables hotels to do hotel, and the technologists to do technology.

And it all just works.

The protel PLATFORM offers a best-in-class, total infrastructure encompassing all serious hospitality IT solutions in one standard, accessible framework. Backed, administered and developed by one of the world’s leading hotel technology brands.

protel Central control

Multi-Hotel Management

The fully-connected Enterprise Layer for painless centralized management. Secure, robust and flexible, with all the configuration possibilities larger hotel groups usually design and implement themselves, but without the hassle.


Central Configuration

Configuration of individual hotels – also changes in the hotel codes when switching to another chain

Central Guest Profiles

Customer data management, incl. match & merge and synchronization with connected CRM systems


Central Security

Advanced identity management – the key to a secure system

Central Reservations

Reservation management – availability and rates incl. synchronization with connected CRS systems

The fully-connected Enterprise Layer for painless centralized management. Secure, robust and flexible.

Central Rates

Management of rates and restrictions

Central Synchronization

Parity across all connected platforms, providers, solutions and territories

Built on award-winning Amazon AWS, the protel PLATFORM grows with demand, scales at speed, and always includes the latest market-approved toolset from the brand’s hotels already know and trust.

protel GENIUS reporting module

Data-store & Recommendation Engine

Accessing all data traversing the protel.I/O infrastructure and outputting actionable insights based on business strategy. Use for up- and cross-selling via WHISPER-SCREENS, individual packaging for the IBE, and dashboard management reporting.

Be a part of this historic journey to the joined-up, data-driven efficiencies of intelligent enterprise.

protel services marketplace

Vendor-neutral hotel technology

Where the market meets and trades. Newest hotel-friendly Apps meet tech-friendly hotels. Everything can be customized, and everything works with everything else. Fast integration at the click of a mouse.

The protel SERVICES MARKETPLACE offers ready-to-deploy technologies, instantly – just like an App-Store does, and just like an App-Store, it is seamlessly integrated into the protel technology stack.


All the Apps from all the best-of-breed technology vendors, all working seamlessly together, sharing and contributing to the same data-pool, owned by the hotel.

Deploy apps immediately

Click-to-try or click-to-buy from a multitude of exciting, game-changing applications. Every app has been painstakingly certified to run smoothly within the protel system.

Huge savings

Due to the technical implementation allowing one-click connects, savings on integration costs and resources are made immediately.

protel build

Packed with hotel-insight, this complete Developer Toolset ensures clean coding, connected functionality, and speedy deployment to the hotel.

Our Toolset includes Map2Any for swift protocol translations on the fly, SDS, the Schedule Data Service, an industry-standard API layer, and the BTS Bulk Data Transfer Service for importing/exporting data from existing hosts.

  • Enjoy immediate access
  • Sandbox environment
  • Define and browse messaging types
  • Map existing messaging structures
  • Reuse existing integrations

protel is completely different and packed with power!

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise today!

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling hotels everywhere to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.


Live hotels on PMS


Vendor integrations


Countries worldwide


For over 25 years,
our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

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