protel GENIUS

Reporting on overdrive

Estate-wide data visualization and real-time reporting.

Over 14,000 hotels prefer protel

Raise the game

Optimize revenue generation and impress hotel guests.

Sophisticated reporting possibilities.


Whisper screens


Actionable insights deployed to the staff.


Concise, custom dashboards

Our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Smart, liberated data - powered by protel I/O

Coping without an ESB platform is unheard of in many business sectors that heavily rely on access to ever-changing data. Smart, liberated data in a hotel setting hails the start of next-generation hotel technology innovation!


Data stored in protel GENIUS is real-time, and therefore up-to-date across all touch-points and properties. This allows for more sophisticated use than is possible with day- or even week-old data.

protel GENIUS is designed for mobility

GENIUS dashboards

Flexible and visual reporting

Accessing all data traversing the protel.I/O infrastructure and outputting actionable insights based on business strategy.

Built for mobile, these reports drive action.

protel is completely different and packed with power!

whisper-screen technology

protel Genius also offers a “recommendation engine”. This allows a hotel to configure custom rules which will return a particular message to the staff. A rule in its most simple form could be “when profile has 1 or more visits then display text: Welcome back”. The text that is returned based on the rules defined in the recommendation engine is referred to as a “Whisper”.

Staff screens

Whispers are embedded on screen and exposed to the staff at strategic locations in the protel applications, e.g. when accessing profile or reservation screens.

Vendor product integration

What makes the Whisper screen so powerful, is that it is made available to any vendor connected via protel I/O.  Vendors access the protel Whisper screen via a deep-link, or use protel APIs to embed the Whisper data into their own UI.

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling hotels everywhere to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.


Live hotels on PMS


Vendor integrations


Countries worldwide


For over 25 years,
our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

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