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Customer information for the implementation of the
German Cash Register Security Regulation KassenSichV

In order to fight tax evasion, the Federal Government of Germany has introduced stricter rules on the use of electronic cash registers. These rules impact all businesses that record their cash revenues by means of an electronic cash register.

Deadlines, grace periods, and terms of validity

According to a federal regulation, as of 1 January 2020 all cash registers must be protected by a certified TSE (technical security device). The protel Property Management Systems (PMS) are also affected by this regulation and have to be upgraded accordingly.  To implement the necessary measures, the German Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) has issued a so-called “no objection rule” valid thru 30 September 2020.  This deadline has already expired. Despite COVID-19 and the resulting VAT conversion, the German Federal Ministry of Finance rejects a further extension of this transitional period for the implementation of a TSE. The same applies to the grace period offered by the German Federal States to companies who ordered a TSE prior to 30 September. This possibility has now also expired. The original deadline of 30 September 2020, as designated by the German Federal Ministry of Finance, applies to all hotels that have not yet made an order.

KassenSichV is now in effect. What to do?

Doing nothing might have legal consequences. Strictly speaking, hotels that have not yet implemented or ordered a TSE, are violating the law and risk having to pay heavy fines of up to €25,000, while giving the tax authorities the opportunity of appraising their revenues. What options remain?
  • You can sit out the risk at your own responsibility hoping that the German Ministry of Finance will soften up and agree to further extensions – certainly the worst option.
  • You can submit an individual application for a hardship regulation to the tax authorities. This presumably involves lots of effort on your part and the outcome is uncertain.
  • Or you can check out our information pages and order a technical security device for your hotel software as soon as possible.
We suggest to contact your protel sales team immediately and request an individual offer!

Due to the high volume of orders, we process all orders strictly in the order in which they come in. Please bear in mind that there may be bottlenecks in implementation at this advanced stage, due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and in view of the necessary administrative lead time. The earlier you order, the shorter your time “without a TSE”.

Technical Security Device as hardware or Cloud solution

For the German Cash Register Security Regulation, similar to last year’s implementation of the Austrian Cash Register Security Regulation (RKSV), we are cooperating with Fiscaltrust, an experienced supplier who offers both a certified technical security module, as well as the necessary hardware. A cloud-based technical security device is in the process of being certified by the German Federal Bureau of Information Security (BSI).

As a result, protel is able to connect a hardware or Cloud variant of a technical security device for both protel SPE/MPE and protel Air.

Stay up to date!

This page contains the latest information! This is where we will keep you up to date about new developments.

We recommend that you bookmark this page and visit it regularly.

The German version of this page shall prevail over the English version.

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What to expect?

  • If you are a protel Air customer, you will hardly notice anything through the automatic updates. We will be making the necessary system adjustments for you in the background in order to optimally prepare your system for the changeover. The implementation of the actual solution is then carried out in cooperation with you by your protel Support Team.
  • As a protel SPE/MPE customer, your system will be prepared for the implementation of the solution in the form of an update. If a support contract exists, it covers the incurred update costs. If you have not signed a support contract, please contact protel HQ or your respective protel dealer. 
  • The same applies for protel Air and protel SPE/MPE: A one-time service fee is charged for the implementation of the KassenSichV solution in your hotel including the necessary adaption of your system settings executed by protel Support. Your protel representative would be happy to send you an offer on request and inform you about further details. 
  • We plan to provide the Technical Security Equipment (TSE) as a combination of hardware and cloud solution. Depending on the certification process of these systems by the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), different delivery times may occur. You will receive more details shortly.
  • If you use additional cash register solutions (e.g., POS system), we recommend that you also inquire promptly about the conformity of your POS system with the respective suppliers.
  • Please also remember that you are obligated to register your cash register system with your local tax authorities.

KassenSichV – What is it?

The “Ordinance on the Determination of Technical Requirements for Electronic Recording and Security Systems in Business Transactions” (Cash Register Security Regulation – KassenSichV) is a law issued by the German Federal Ministry of Finance which specifies new standards for the prevention of cash register manipulation. 

The KassenSichV dated 26 September 2017 is based on the law concerning the Protection against Manipulation of Digital Basic Records dated 16 December 2016 and defines the basis for the technical implementation of this law. 

The regulation consists of a full range of measures, some of which have already come into force with the introduction of the cash register review.  

The final implementation of the regulation is planned for 30 September 2020, taking into account the transition period that was announced in November 2019. 

Due to the hardship provisions at federal state level, a deadline of 31 March 2021 applies to companies that have made use of this option in good time (provided that this grace period granted by the federal states will not be overturned by an overriding decree of the supreme federal ministry).

Three components

KassenSichV consists of the following components:

Obligation to issue receipts

After the end of the implementation period, issuing receipts will be mandatory for every business transaction. A receipt must be handed to the parties involved, albeit there is no obligation to accept it. 

Alternatively, a receipt can also be issued electronically, e.g., by email. In this case, the prior consent of the guest is required. 

Receipts must also comply with the formal requirements. This includes that they contain the “code” transmitted by the technical security module.

As a protel Air customer, you’re on the safe side! As part of the implementation, we will adjust the invoice templates in time so that they meet the formal requirements.

Technical Security Equipment (TSE)

The TSE is an instrument for recording business transactions and other procedures. While the term business transaction is clearly defined in accounting, ”other transactions” include e.g., the voiding of business transactions that have not yet been completed, or price checks in the POS system.  One can, therefore, conclude that almost every interaction a user has with the system needs to be logged.

End-to-end logging

This also leads us to the significant difference between KassenSichV and other similar regulations implemented in other countries. Whereas in other countries it is usually enough to log the data of the completed transactions after closing the accounts, in Germany, the logging already begins with the first entry. The TSE logs will be updated throughout the entire period until they are finally completed. 

Receipt signature

After the process has been completed, the TSE sends a signature to the original system, such as the PMS. This signature must be printed on the receipt. Here you can use a QR code instead of the less attractive alphanumerical code.


The TSE must be certified by the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI).  Cash register systems that do not use TSE certified by the BSI may no longer be used after the expiration of the transposition period. In addition, existing systems must be equipped accordingly.

Storage medium

The TSE protocol data must be stored in encrypted form on an electronic storage medium. Similar to the TSE, the storage media must also be kept available for audits by the authorities. 

We plan to implement TSE as a combined hardware and cloud solution, where you as a protel customer have the choice between several all-in-one solutions. In any case, we will enable the secure archiving of the log data. Similar to the implementation of the RKSV in Austria in 2018, we are also cooperating with trusted partners with the implementation of the KassenSichV. As a result, we can fall back on tried and tested methods, providing you with a secure and prompt changeover. 

Registering your POS system

Another innovation is the obligation to register the POS system with the tax authorities, naming the serial numbers of the cash register and TSE. When purchasing a new cash register system, the purchaser has one month to do so. 

Stay up to date!

This page contains the latest information! This is where we will keep you up to date about new developments and, of course, take into account all of the information provided by the German Finance Ministry.

We recommend that you bookmark this page and visit it regularly.

The German version of this page shall prevail over the English version.

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Disclaimer of liability

The above-mentioned information was compiled by protel hotelsoftware GmbH (protel) with the utmost care and is continuously updated. protel makes no claim to its completeness, accuracy and timeliness.

protel does not assume any liability, guarantee or warranty for the information provided here. It merely represents a complex situation in simplified terms and presents an exemplary solution for the implementation of a legal situation.  In individual cases, deviations from the given recommendations may be necessary.

The statements are to be understood as an explanation for use and offer an approach as to how the legal requirements can be implemented properly.  However, this does not release the user from the obligation to carry out a careful and independent audit.

Before transferring the unchanged content to one’s own business, it must be carefully considered in one’s own interest whether, and in which part, an adjustment to the specific situation and legal development may deem necessary. Of course, protel has no influence on this process and therefore assumes no liability for the effects on the legal position of the user.  Liability for minor negligence is also generally excluded. 

Users requiring tailor-made information should seek legal consultation from a lawyer of their choice.


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