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Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding fathers of the United States of America (but was never president, see the Mandela effect if you thought he was president) credited with the invention of the bifocals, the lightning rod and numerous other inventions also ordered the first U.S. passports in 1783. Although the first recorded use of passports goes back sometime between 465 and 425BC.

Electronically Enter or Leave the Port???

The word passport comes from the French words “passer” (to enter or leave) and “port” (port or harbour).

Now you may be wondering why we are rambling on about passports… well, protel Air has just released the most amazing new software that is going to make hoteliers’ and guests’ lives so much simpler and more efficient. The current passport handling process in hotels usually looks something like this:

1)  Guest arrives – receptionist requests passport – guest hands over passport – receptionist has to manually input first name, last name, passport number, date of birth, country of origin, etc. – the receptionist must scan a copy to save electronically – then the receptionist might have to make a copy – the copy needs to go with the reg. card into the pit – then when the guest checks out the reg. card and passport copy need to be removed from the pit and filed – once filed it needs to be stored, securely and for the legal amount of time that, that country requires. 

WHEW!! That was tedious just typing it out. Now with protel Air’s new software, the process will look like this: 

2)  Guest arrives – they hold up their passport to the camera – all details are captured, stored securely and compliantly.


How a web-based camera and protel Air’s passport scanner can benefit you ?

Just by looking at the above two paragraphs, you can see the huge difference this software will make to your daily operation, but I’m sure you have made your mind up already so click here to get a friendly protel Air rep. to contact you now. If you would like to know more about how a web-based camera and protel Air’s passport scanner can benefit you, I have listed some of the many amazing benefits below:


Scans passports from over 80 countries

Recognises most ID cards and drivers licenses
Once scanned the software will automatically populate all data onto the guest profile

Automatically stores an electronic copy – on an encrypted cloud. Safely and securely.

Eliminates transcribing errors
Improves safety of confidential documents (the passport, or a hard copy of it, never leaves the guests hand/sight)
Will comply with your country’s legal requirements* for passport/confidential document control.

Even Ramesses the Great, the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt, born 1304BC needed a passport when travelling. If you have ever been unhappy with your passport photo keep this in mind. He needed a passport complete with a current photo of him, in his mummified state.

*Where these legal requirements have been made known to protel.

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