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Ingo Dignas

CEO & Co-Founder

Ingo Dignas

After having studied computer science at the University of Dortmund, Ingo Dignas co-founded protel together with Manfred Osthues in 1994.

Ingo is the leading force in the development of protel’s architecture and products, and under his technical direction, the company has grown to provide products and services to more than 14,000 hotels worldwide, also becoming recognized as one of the most innovative technology companies in the hospitality industry.

Manfred Osthues

CEO & Co-Founder

Manfred Osthues

After completing his degree in Administrative Hotel & Hospitality Management at Tegernsee College of Hotel Management, Manfred served in multiple leadership roles at Fidelio and Siemens Nixdorf.

In 1994 he went on to co-found protel together with Ingo Dignas. Manfred is the leading force in the development of protel’s sales and expansion model through partnerships, and under his strategic direction the company has grown to provide products and services to more than 14,000 hotels worldwide, also becoming recognized as one of the most innovative technology companies in the hospitality industry.

Andrew Richardson

Director of Product Management

Christopher McKenzie

Director of Sales – North America

Friedemann Vorwerk

Director Software Development

Friedemann Vorwerk

Friedemann joined protel in 2018, taking on the challenge of consolidating all types of integration technology and bring forward the single integration method that enables the protel Service Marketplace.

Friedemann oversees the execution of integration certifications and creates the technical strategy for our development teams.  With over twenty years of experience in hospitality technology, Friedmann spent eighteen years at MICROS Systems, where he gained the intrinsic knowledge on interface development.

Jeremy Armes

Director of Marketing

Ken Greeley

VP Global Support

Ken Greeley

Ken joined protel in 2017, taking over responsibility for protel’s international support network.

His clear focus is on ensuring that sustainable systems are developed and introduced, that will enable continued rapid growth, while at the same time constantly aiming to improve the quality and range of services which we deliver and that our customers and the hospitality world expect.

With nearly two decades of experience in hospitality technology, Ken has gained vast experience in running a high-volume, multi-product and multilingual technical support environment.

Linda Vallner

VP Business Development

Linda Vallner

Linda joined protel in 2017 with the aim to further expand protel’s market reach and to safeguard the relation between software and business development, the key to innovation and true market leadership.

With more than 17 years of experience in hospitality technology, Linda is deeply involved in all aspects of the customer lifecycle.

Having served as Director of OPERA for Europe, Africa & Middle East at MICROS Inc for a number of years, she is intimately familiar with the technology requirements of the largest global hotel groups

Mirko Gudelj

Director of Business Technology

Rob van der Heijden

Global CSO

Wilco de Weerd

Director Partnerships

Wilfried Wagner

VP Administration

Yasmina Witkowski

VP Sales G/A/S

Hotel-focused pioneers

We develop hotel software that is fun to use and can be enhanced and combined with various toolsets – the perfect solution for hotels of all sizes. Meeting our client’s expectations and demands from all over the world is our directive when creating solutions for everyday use at the hotel.

Over 25 years' global experience

protel has 25 years of business to look back on. Much has changed over the years, but one thing has remained carved in stone – our commitment and passion for creating the best hotel software.  Reach out to us today and see for yourself.


For over 25 years,
our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

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