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A global, multi-cultural, privately-funded company, founded in Dortmund, Germany, and still run day-to-day, hands-on, by the two co-founders and their teams

PMS - The Heart of Our Business

Our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry. For this reason, when we “went to the cloud” back in 2009, we did not simply transfer on-premises technology into a new, shiny, cloud storage space.

Unlike other PMS providers, we completely redesigned the new products from scratch, choosing to use the technology invented in the “cloud era” to do the cloud job.

Today, the main advantage that commitment has brought to the protel PMS product is demonstrated by the limitless scalability; the stable operation; and also in being able to offer the most cost-efficient technology solution in the industry.


Serious Hospitality IT

The protel Hospitality Platform offers a best-in-class, total infrastructure encompassing all serious hospitality IT solutions in one standard, accessible framework.

Backed, administered and developed by one of the world’s leading hotel technology brands.


Built on AWS

Built on award-winning Amazon AWS, the protel Hospitality Platform grows with demand, scales at speed, and always includes the latest market-approved toolset from the brand’s hotels already know and trust.

Experienced Hotel Technologists

Since we have been working in the cloud for some 10 years now, aligning more and more hotel technologies for optimal communication “with front of house” and guest data, we really do know what gets the job done.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling hotel chains to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.


Recently, protel has gained industry recognition for its innovative platform from several entities. 

Be a part of this historic journey to the joined-up, data-driven efficiencies of intelligent enterprise.


Hotel-focused pioneers

We develop hotel software that is fun to use and can be enhanced and combined with various toolsets - the perfect solution for hotels of all sizes. Meeting our client’s expectations and demands from all over the world is our directive when creating solutions for everyday use at the hotel.

Over 25 years' global experience

protel has 25 years of business to look back on. Much has changed over the years, but one thing has remained carved in stone – our commitment and passion for creating the best hotel software. 

Reach out to us today and see for yourself.

Over 14,000 hotels prefer protel


For over 25 years,
our vision has always been to provide the technology ecosystem for the global hotel industry.

Take advantage of our pioneering expertise!

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