Vendor-neutral hotel technology

Where the market meets and trades. Newest hotel-friendly Apps meet tech-friendly hotels. Everything can be customized, and everything works with everything else. Fast integration at the click of a mouse.

The protel SERVICES MARKETPLACE offers ready-to-deploy technologies, instantly – just like an App-Store does, and just like an App-Store, it is seamlessly integrated into the protel technology stack.

protel Marketplace

Calling Hotel Owners!

You’re looking for a new app which you can add to your existing PMS system? protel offers many great apps from different vendors which you can install to your existing PMS with a single click.

Calling All Developers!

You’re working on the next killer app for hotels?
Integrate your application with the protel hospitality ecosystem and instantly connect to over 14,000 protel hotels.


All the Apps from all the best-of-breed technology vendors, all working seamlessly together, sharing and contributing to the same data-pool, owned by the hotel.

Deploy apps immediately

Click-to-try or click-to-buy
 from a multitude of exciting, game-changing applications. Every app has been painstakingly certified to run smoothly within the protel system.

Huge savings

Due to the technical implementation allowing one-click connects, savings on integration costs and resources are made immediately.

“This #hoteltechnology company has the experienced technical talent, agility and tenacity to execute this phenomenally disruptive technology vision.”

Pete Simpson
SVP Global Business Technology
protel hotelsoftware GmbH

The disruption starts here!

Be a part of this hospitality technology disruption, enabling hotel chains to deliver real, tangible ROI, whilst automatically raising guest-satisfaction standards.

The protel.I/O best-in-class total infrastructure encompasses all serious IT solutions in one standard, accessible framework. Backed, administered and developed by one of the world’s leading hotel technology brands.

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