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Optimand is a comprehensive platform that serves as a business intelligence tool specifically designed for independent hotels and international hotel groups.

The platform seamlessly integrates data from Protel, hotel website, and external sources such as competitor pricing and local events, providing valuable insights and analysis. Optimand offers a wide array of features and capabilities to support hotel managers in making well-informed decisions, driving direct bookings, and optimizing revenue and marketing management strategies.

Take full control of your time and effortlessly track your hotel's performance using fully customizable dashboards, custom alerts, and detailed reports. Gain access to in-depth room revenue pickup analysis and reports. Easily analyze your hotel's performance across room types, sources, markets, travel agencies, and more.

Optimand goes beyond traditional business intelligence tools by also offering innovative web analytics solutions. It allows hotel managers to integrate and analyse demand and conversion data from their hotel websites. This feature provides invaluable insights to optimize conversion and improve digital marketing strategies.

Additionally, Optimand provides comprehensive competitor pricing analysis, allowing hotel managers to monitor and compare their pricing strategies with those of their competitors. It can also display insights into local events and their potential impact on hotel performance.

Moreover, Optimand offers conversion tools designed to improve direct bookings on hotel brand websites. By providing effective solutions to enhance the booking experience and increase conversion rates, the platform aims to drive more revenue through direct channels.

Overall, Optimand is a powerful platform that combines business intelligence, web analytics, competitor analysis, and conversion tools to empower hotel managers in making informed decisions and maximizing their revenue potential.

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