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Breeze POS was developed by Bit Soft having in mind the Horeca market needs of a restaurant software, easy to learn and which can offer mobility in the location.

With no more than 30 minutes of training, the personnel will become fast an expert in the location menu and recommendations.

One of the best software for restaurants leverages the advantages of a mobile formula while offering more functionalities than a traditional POS, with a high number of advantages coming from the newest technologies such as: mobility, native movements, real-time reporting on all locations or real-time management of all locations, and it is always improved according to the cumulative needs of the customers.

Bit Soft Company is present on the Romanian market since 1994 when it started developing IT solutions for hotels and now, it is located also in Bulgaria and Hungary offering a complete portfolio with end-to-end solutions for hospitality industry.

All further details for this integration are available here .

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