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guestrev® is the leading revenue management and profit optimization solution for forecasting and pricing hotel rooms.
As a science based system, guestrev® helps you go beyond a rules-based revenue strategy.

Built as a true revenue and profit optimization solution, guestrev® understands what’s going on in your market and at your property, allowing it to react and make the most optimal pricing suggestions accordingly.

Features and benefits for today’s hoteliers:

  • Increase demand

    Forecast demand accurately and add the next level of granularity.

  • No surprises

    Detect unexpected events or anomalous demand patterns that are often missed by human analysis.

  • Plan ahead

    Determine room rates for all future stay nights, while ensuring room availability for your most valued guests.

  • Gather insight

    Provide users with insight into how the system arrived at its decisions, with a new, intuitive user experience.

  • Team alignment
    Strategically align sales and marketing efforts and track effectiveness.
    No more rules
    Go beyond a rules-based revenue strategy and benefit from true revenue and profit optimization.

Customer testimonial

“guestrev has really opened a lot of doors in personalizing guest experience at Big Sky Resort. We are now able to quickly track the length of stay, the ADR, and where and who are these guests that are coming to visit us.”

Katie Grice, Revenue Manager, Big Sky Montana

All further details for this integration are available here .

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