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Delivering superior metrics and deep insights into your data, by consolidating databases across all of your operations and converging them into one data warehouse to enable total analysis, KPI and visualization, with drill-down and drill-up capability.

xnBI provides a single reporting and analytics platform across core segments of your business, to show you company-wide views and trends and enable quick and agile decision-making.

View and analyze your data, be it historical, current, or future. Draw relationships between different business units to get a deeper understanding of your metrics, be that customer and guest-centric, revenue and cost basis, or transactional and booking dimensional.

Use Case:
Empowering you to discover insights hidden in your data. Find and share meaningful metrics and analytics with pre-built reports, dashboards and visualizations, built-in AI capabilities.

All further details for this integration are available here .

× HotelTechScore and ratings are provided by HotelTechReport.

HotelTechScore is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

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