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Guestfolio overview

Guestfolio is the hotel marketing platform that drives guest engagement, retention and conversion throughout the travel journey. With the guest profile at the heart of what Guestfolio does, hoteliers can personalize the reservation experience, gain insights on their guests, use tools that build lasting brand loyalty and encourage increased conversions from OTAs to direct bookings.

Features and benefits:

  • Automated communications
    Keep your guests up to date prior to arrival beautiful confirmation, pre-arrival and post-stay guest emails.

  • Concierge Trip Planner
    Allow guests to book and reserve local activities for their stay. Take requests online prior to and during their stay.

  • Drive incremental revenue
    Sell room upgrades and room amenities to guests prior to arrival.

  • Capture guest feedback
    Gain insights through automated pre-arrival and post-stay surveys.

  • Grow your TripAdvisor review volume
    Increase review volume by over 120% via our TripAdvisor partner integration.

  • Drag and drop email builder
    Align your subscriber and PMS database and send personalized and segmented marketing emails to segmented lists.

“Over the past 12 months, since using Guestfolio CRM, we’ve seen a massive shift in direct bookings; we’re paying less commission and in turn driving more return for the business.”

  • Quynh Nguyen, Direct Marketing Specialist at Treasury on Collins, Melbourne, Australia

All further details for this integration are available here .

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HotelTechScore is a composite ranking comprising of key signals such as: user satisfaction, review quantity, review recency, and vendor submitted information to help buyers better understand their products.

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