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Ideal solution for fully autonomous hotels to provide a contactless guest check-in process. Sezam24 will provide the entire cycle of the front desk operations and seamlessly integrate with the PMS. On-screen registration forms, contactless payments, and automatic room card programming are only the basic features. Sezam24 speaks 40 languages and uses AI to switch language, recognize IDs, and monitoring the devices to notify if something nonfunctional. You can easily modify reservations, extend guest stay, relocate your guest from one room to another, or provide a spare/duplicate room card. Everything is handled by Sezam24. S24 Pro (23.6" display standalone bundle) model for hotels and S24 (21.5" tablet version) for small apart-hotels or assisted lobbies.

Key Features:

  • Identify by PMS Protel or channel booking number
  • Accept payments
  • Scan ID/passport and autocomplete registration for
  • Accept a guest's sign on the touchscreen
  • Dispense a room card (valid from check-in till check-out)
  • Print a receipt and accommodation voucher

All further details for this integration are available here .

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