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MYRA is the premier SELF CHECK-IN KIOSK solution that is a perfect fit for hotels ranging from upscale luxury to economic budget, be it part of an international chain, regional group, independent or boutique properties.

Myra offers hotels safe alternative check-in and check-out solutions, providing guests with a convenient option.

Myra’s Self Check-in kiosk designs are visually appealing and technologically advanced, ensuring a great guest experience. The Myra kiosks hardware and software can be tailored for hotels’ business needs and can improve productivity and security through a digital experience and eliminates the need for manual paperwork.

The Protel PMS integration enables the following features:

• Quick Search and Retrieval of Guest Reservation via unique QR code scan, booking confirmation and/or Guest’s last name

• Update of Guest Profile with additional data collected during check-in steps.
• Fetch Clean/Ready Rooms without requiring prior Room Assignments

• Make Payment Deposit and Check-in

• E-signature captured for e-Registration Card

• Post Payment and Check-Out

• Email Folio Trigger

• Seamless integration with door lock systems and local payment gateways

• Optional feature includes mobile checkin

All further details for this integration are available here .

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