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Hotel MSSNGR is a leading provider of innovative onsite guest communication and upselling for luxury resort hotels world wide.

The cloud-based software tool enables hotels to communicate and connect directly with guests through communication channels, such as smartphone and tablet apps, web apps, digital signage, in-room TV feeds and hotel newspapers. Powerful features such as on-site bookings, guest chats or check-in/check-out services enhance the guest journey. Hotel MSSNGR’s flexible feature scope is fully adaptable to fit the needs of small remote boutique hotels as well as large resorts.

Hotel MSSNGR drastically boosts onsite revenue through the promotion and sales of F&B offers, Spa treatments and activities, merchandise and in-house services. Intelligent algorithms reveal deep insights into the guest’s behavior.

Content and bookings are managed in real time through Hotel MSSNGR’s Data Management Hub.

Hotel MSSNGR integrates with Protel to provide all aspects of the guest journey as a self-service interface on Kiosks or the guests' smartphones. This enables a detailed exchange of information while at the same time making full use of functions such as:

Pre-check-in, check-out, turnkey integrations, syncing of booking details, retrieval of reservations to personalize communications and booking of room billing services.

All further details for this integration are available here .

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