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CZECH KIOSK Sef-service reception is a secure autonomous and/or cloud solution designed for the needs of any segment of the hospitality industry. The basic functions are self-service check-in, check-out, lost key, pre-checkin, walk-in booking, and other features of the smart hotel. You can choose our basic look or custom design and features of the whole solution. Any language mutations.

The CZECH KIOSK solution provides features and functions of a self-service hotel for guests and hoteliers thanks to PMS integration, online or mobile check-in/out solution, hotel access solution via PIN or RFID key, full integration of hotel lock systems, cash and/or cashless payment solutions, audio/video conferencing solutions, monitoring and user support solutions, including mobile applications, and more. The solution can be connected using its own API. 3rd party API can be integrated. Hardware control and interconnection of 3rd party systems is performed by our own certified integration. We provide remote/local management solutions.

Check-in is quick and easy. The guest logs in to reservation with a voucher or QR code. Verifies proof of identity using the scanner ID. Fill in the data, consent and your signature with the hotel conditions. The guest pays for the accommodation according to the PMS and receives a hotel card or mobile key. In the Check-out process, the guest returns the hotel cards and optionally pays according to the PMS.

Whether you are looking for integration with your hotel, golf course, SPA, fitness, or a separate reception of the building, the CZECH KIOSK platform will allow you to provide automated functions for you and your customers, including connections to your existing systems.

All further details for this integration are available here .

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