Hotel ID & Passport Scanner 

Make Check-ins Easier, Faster, Better.

Speed and accuracy keeps guests happy and business booming!
The Hotel ID and Passport Scanner for protel AIR speeds up check-in, keeps records accurate, and is really easy to set up and use, no matter what the skill level of your staff.


It’s Easy

  • Scans passports from all over the world
  • Train staff in minutes instead of hours
  • Recognizes most ID cards, resident cards and drivers licenses

It’s Fast

  • Data is automatically populated into the guest profile
  • Digital copies are stored securely as PDF or JPG
  • Advanced OCR saves valuable time per guest

It’s Accurate

  • Ensures cleaner hotel data by nullifying typos
  • Improves the safety of confidential documents 
  • All data is safely stored on the PMS

Set it up in Seconds

  • Simple to install and up and running fast
  • Plug in a webcam with autofocus, and
  • Start saving time today

How To Scan an ID Document

1. Start the Check-in Wizard

By clicking on ARRIVALS

2. Check the Reservation

Access full details by clicking on “Check-In”

3. Edit Reservation details

Click on ACTION then choose EDIT

4. Start scanning

Click the Lens icon

5. Capture the front

Scan the front of the physical ID document

6. Capture the back

Optionally, just click again to for the reverse of the document

7. Update records

Select the records you need

8. Continue the Check-In

For example by creating a digital registration card for your guest to sign

9. Access Scans at any time

The securely-stored scans are accessed via the Guest Profile, whenever you need them
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