Hotel Front Desk System

Quick and easy access to key hotel functions such as check-in, check out, room plan, etc. is imperative to an intuitive front desk feature on any PMS (property management system). protel Air has optimised these features with the hotelier in mind.

Key Hotel Front Desk Features


  • Fast access check-in button to speed up check-in time
  • Clear and easy to view list of all arrivals  
  • A check-in wizard ensures all important details are captured 
  • All relevant information at a glance 
  • Credit card details will be authorised and tokenized as part of check-in 


  • Single check out button on home screen
  • Easy to alter invoice recipient 
  • Split invoices and post charges with one click
  • Invoices in multiple languages 
  • Customizable invoice templates

Room Plan

  • Overview of your hotel
  • Make quick reservations for several room types at once 
  • Colour coded for ease of reference 
  • Room status overview
  • View multiple time periods 
  • Multiple filters 
  • Drag and drop functionality for moving and/or extending reservations 

Room Type Plan

  • Overview of availability
  • Make several reservations at once 
  • Colour coded occupancy levels for ease of reference 
  • Make group reservations
  • Group booking data can be processed together and services can be paid accordingly

Bookings and Reservations

  • Quick access “new reservation” button
  • Make multiple reservations or group bookings with ease
  • Shopping cart function to make bookings for several room types at a time 
  • Snooze function with reminders for incomplete reservations
  • Send confirmation letters with one click

ID and Passport Scanner 

  • Contactless. The guest just holds up their ID or passport to the hotel camera 

  • Accurate: All the information is automatically captured 

  • Safe: SSL Certificate and the document never has to leave the guests side

  • Efficient. No more transcribing and no more pit checks. Just happy guests

protel Hotel Customer Stories

“Since we started working with protel, we have been delighted with both the service and the product.”







Raj Patel

Hotel Owner, Best Western Olde Maritim

“When directly comparing to the competition, the protel hotel system is definitely my absolute favorite!”
Timm Backhaus

General Manager, GHOTEL hotel & living

‘’protel PMS perfectly suits our needs and demands. protel guarantees smooth processes and solid reliability.’’


Heiko Fuhlendorf

Owner, Heikotel

“protel was able to perform the switch during the day, just like that. Fast, easy and efficient.”

Alvida Surpia-Jones

General Manager, Coconut Hotel



What is a hotel PMS and why do you need one?

A property management system (PMS) is a set of solutions that hoteliers use to manage their day-to-day hotel operations activities such as reservations, front deskhousekeepingmaintenancebilling and invoicinganalytics and reporting.

What are the key benefits of the front desk system?

Quick and easy access to key hotel functions such as check-in, check out, room plan, etc. is imperative to an intuitive front desk feature on any PMS (property management system).Find out more about protel Front Desk

Why does every hotel need a modern front desk system?

Modern front desk systems are important as they are fast, they help to capture data quickly and accurately, they reduce admin giving your reception staff more time to delight your guests. Discover protel Front Desk

What is protel hotelsoftware?

protel’s (PMS) hotel property management system is the one-stop-shop for everything you need to run your single or multi-property business successfully.

Do you want to request a PMS demo?

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