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Many hoteliers face heavy competition in today’s hospitality sector. They must find unique ways to stand out from competitors who offer similar amenities, packages, and services.

Hotel owners can improve customer satisfaction by offering enticing solutions like mobile hotel kiosks for their properties, even before the guest physically arrives.

This technology provides convenience and privacy.

Kiosks and Apps can expedite routine tasks such as booking, check-ins, checkouts, and room service requests.

These kiosk software solutions also allow hotels to upsell additional amenities to guests.

In this article, you’ll learn five key benefits of using mobile hotel kiosks.


What is a Hotel Kiosk?

Mobile hotel kiosks are digital touchscreens or smartphone applications where guests complete tasks themselves instead of relying on hotel front desk staff.

Travel Leaders Group conducted a recent survey of 2,654 travelers.

Almost 78 percent of their respondents admitted they wanted to see self-serving mobile kiosks to complete the check-in process at more hotels.

Last year, Hotel News Now interviewed David Sangree, the president of Hotel & Leisure Advisors, about the popular mobile kiosk trend.

He believes that their use will continue to proliferate across the industry, and the cost to entry for this technology will decline and lead to greater acceptance.

“Guests, in general, appreciate opportunities to get what they need in a more efficient and timely manner on a self-service basis,” Sangree said. “No one likes to wait in line.”

Mobile self-service doesn’t mean that your property will no longer need hotel employees to support your operations.

Your hotel business will still need staff to handle any day-to-day problems that occur, but you will be providing additional options for your guests to check-in/out at any time – without interacting with hotel staff. 


Five Benefits of Self-Serve Kiosks in Hotels

How do mobile kiosks improve customer service at hotels?

Here are five ways that this technology benefits both staff members and guests alike, a real win-win.


Eliminates Waiting in Long Check-In Lines

Most hotels want to provide guests staying at their properties with exceptional service.

This service starts when your customers first enter your establishment and continues at least until they checkout, and oftentimes longer than that.

The first physical impression your business makes starts in the lobby. Some guests are tired after spending hours traveling on the road.

They don’t want to wait in long queues to complete their registration. Other guests need to check out quickly to leave for their destination.

Mobile hotel kiosks allow guests to enjoy their vacation earlier.

They provide guests with a convenient, hassle-free way to check in.

The automated process enables individuals to bypass the line at the front desk, so they can go directly to their rooms.

Each hotel kiosk check-in app has an intuitive interface and simple commands to walk the guest through a secure, fast, check-in process.

A recent survey found that one-third of people would prefer to use a mobile kiosk, rather than waiting in line at the front desk.


Provides Guests a Choice in How They Want to Check In

Hoteliers realize that no two guests are the same.

Hotel customers appreciate different options that cater to their personal needs.

Some people prefer to deal directly with front desk staff to help them during the check-in process.

Others prefer to finish the process and do other tasks on their own.

Smart mobile self-serving kiosks empower your guests by providing them with a wide range of flexible options they can access at their fingertips.

Their technical features include the availability to message your front desk staff.

Guests can also use these kiosks to order room service, extra towels, set reminders, or complete other essential tasks.

Well-designed software architecture and thoughtful branding throughout can definitely boost guest satisfaction, as the self-serving customer explores and experiences the brand more closely


Personalizes the Guest Experience

You can tailor your customer service to your guests even when they have less face-to-face interaction with your staff.

Mobile hotel kiosks can provide a more personalized experience for your customers.

They connect to your hotel’s property management system (PMS).  They can use data from the system to create a customized experience for each person.

For example, you can use images from their home area in the welcome screen.

These mobile kiosks will allow customers to select the language of their choice to check into your property.

They can also control different aspects of their stay like check-ins, payments, and additional services from start to finish. 

These kiosk software solutions collect valuable data on your guests, including which rooms they prefer to book. It also documents their past purchases at your facility and any special needs they may have.

Your business can also change prior requests to make sure your service exceeds your guests’ expectations. This personalized service can earn you repeat customers.


Utilize Guest Data for Marketing Purposes

Mobile hotel kiosks increase the opportunity to upsell packages and services to people.

Your business can use the stored information to create personalized marketing emails for your guests.

You can identify your most lucrative customer segments, and offer them custom hotel packages. 

Since the mobile hotel kiosk is available 24 hours a day, customers can use their mobile devices to learn about these services at their convenience and be more likely to make an impulse purchase.

These sales can increase your hotel revenue.


Reduce Human-Related Errors

Most people have misspelled a name by mistake.

These errors take place every day at hotel properties. For example, an employee may enter a name incorrectly into the system.

These problems can cause frustration during the check-in process if a staff member cannot find your reservation.

Mobile hotel kiosks increase accuracy because customers enter this information themselves during the check-in process. So the possibility of errors is minimal.

Staff members can also retrieve details about guests’ previous stays at their hotel to cater service to their regular customers during their next stays at the property.

Accurate data entry also diminishes the possibility of duplicate profile information. 


protel’s Kiosk Which is Integrated in PMS Makes the Check-In Process Easier

Hotel kiosk software solutions will automatically synch with your property management system (PMS) which will allow you to have a full view on your guest’s requirements.

On the other side, your hotel guests now have more control over their schedules and check-in process.

Kiosk technology will allow your guests to interact with the following tasks:

  • View and edit personal profile information
  • Add preferences and special requests
  • Check-in and use mobile keys for room access
  • Submit requests for housekeeping and maintenance
  • Allows you to view invoice and check-out information
  • Enables customers to place requests for housekeeping and maintenance
  • Allows people to access information and special offers during the hotel self-service check in process

Mobile kiosks also offer an uncomplicated way to speak with your hotel’s brand throughout the customer journey from the pre-stay registration, hotel kiosk check-in/check-out process, reviews, and re-discovery.

Our app ensures your staff also collaborates on daily tasks, and can instantly deal with customer requests.

  • Increase revenues: Our application helps your hotel brand upsell services to customers.
  • Improve Staff Coordination: Our hotel kiosk software allows your housekeeping and maintenance staff to communicate and collaborate better.
  • Self-Check-In – Your customers can check-in using their mobile phones instead of relying on the front desk.

Trust protel for Your Mobile Kiosk Needs

protel offers a variety of outstanding technology solutions for hotels and their staff.

Our hotel property management system is a one-stop-shop that provides hoteliers with everything they need to handle their operations successfully.

We currently serve more than 14,000 customers worldwide in the hospitality industry. 

Contact us today for more information about our products and services.


What is a Hotel Kiosk?
Mobile hotel kiosks are digital touchscreens or smartphone applications where guests complete tasks themselves instead of relying on hotel front desk staff.
Key Benefits of Hotel Kiosk
Eliminates Waiting in Long Check-In Lines, Provides Guests a Choice in How They Want to Check In, Personalizes the Guest Experience, Utilize Guest Data for Marketing Purposes, Reduce Human-Related Errors
Hotel PMS System
A property management system (PMS) is a set of software solutions that give hotel managers the ability to enhance their operating efficiency and deliver the best possible experiences for their guests. At its core, a property management system handles booking, check-in/check-out, room rates, billing, and performance analytics.


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