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Immaculate rooms and pristine customer service matter within the hotel industry, because these vital areas help guests form their initial impressions about a hotelier’s brand. They demonstrate how well front desk staff manages the day-to-day operations and prioritizes their clients’ needs. 

Additionally, the cleanliness of rooms can cause customers to make split-second decisions about whether they should spend the night at a hotel or check-in at a nearby competitor’s facility. This is not an exaggeration.

According to, one of the biggest complaints that front-desk staff received from guests concerned dirty, disgusting rooms. Some found hairs in their tubs, others found threadbare linen or foul-smelling commodes. Dirty rooms ranked in the top four of hotel guests’ most common complaints in 2019.

Having unclean rooms can sully your hotel’s reputation, cost you money, and cause you to lose customers. People who don’t believe you a tight ship to make sure rooms stay sanitized and spotless won’t keep this secret to themselves. They will talk about their poor experience with their friends, family, and even strangers.

These word-of-mouth stories can negatively impact your ranking on Google’s Local Pack, hotel booking sites, and review sites. The stakes are now higher in this era. Immaculate rooms can also safeguard the health and wellbeing of your hotel guests.

Does your hotel have these housekeeping challenges?

You can use protel’s property management system to manage your staff’s tasks in a centralized location. Additionally, our exceptional system can improve how your housekeeping department works.

In this article, you’ll learn how our innovative Hotel Housekeeping Management System features can help make your hotel’s housekeeping operations more efficient.

protel’s Innovative Hotel Management Software Will Increase Housekeeping Productivity

Hospitality revenue software has revolutionized how hoteliers manage their businesses. These data-driven platforms help business owners track essential metrics, including Key Performance Indicators (KPI)Unfortunately, these big data tools only gather data about consumer’s general spending habits. They don’t teach hoteliers how to apply this information to correct departmental issues.

For instance, high-level indicators, like RevPAR and Overall Customer Satisfaction Scores, only tell hotels how well they perform against their competition. KPIs don’t measure how efficiently a hotel’s operations run. protel understands that housekeeping is a critical area that helps generate revenues.

We know that the faster your staff cleans rooms, the quicker you can put them back on the market to book them out and turn a profit. Our company has developed a dynamic housekeeping system, integrated within our Property Management System (PMS), that allows you to monitor your cleaning staff. Its functions allow you to manage and schedule essential housekeeping tasks in real-time. It also enables you to track room statuses. You can also enter lost items into a centralized digital database. It allows you to monitor belongings with individual tracking numbers. The housekeeping suite in protel’s PMS has four features that can help turn your hotel’s housekeeping department into a well-oiled machine.

protelAir dashboard

protel Front Desk Main Dashboard

Our PMS Dashboard Tracks Housekeeping Tasks in Real-Time

Our outstanding hotel housekeeping software helps hoteliers oversee routine housekeeping management tasks with efficiency and ease. Our intuitive dashboard has centralized features that arm hoteliers with real-time data to track their housekeeping staff’s productivity.

In the past, hotel managers required cleaning staff to keep manual tallies of daily cleaning tasks. They wrote this data onto cumbersome forms that were subject to human error. Workers made mistakes in their entries that caused them to unintentionally skip cleaning tasks, like cleaning tubs or changing sheets in rooms. 

These forms also cost front-desk an enormous amount of time, because they had to enter data manually into a spreadsheet. Since this information wasn’t centralized, staff members couldn’t always track the long-term issues impacting their housekeeping operations.

protel’s PMS software allows hoteliers to monitor hotel housekeeping issues in real-time. Our system requires very little manual data input as the room statuses and numbers are auto-populated. Our data points will indicate the average time it takes for different staff members to clean rooms and finish sections. Your hotel can also evaluate your staff’s inspection rates, turndown service and room cleaning rate. This software suite generates cleaning plans based on the number of rooms, available staff, and the amount of time spent cleaning each room.

Additionally, protel’s PMS allows your workers to input which rooms are out-of-order. It will also indicate how many rooms you cannot book because they are out-of-service. Once your maintenance crew addresses these repairs, our PMS allows your staff to provide updates to your front-desk team in real-time. protel’s software also allows hotels to plan for staffing issues or potential inventory-related shortages during inclement weather. 

Our PMS has a five-day forecast section that provides up-to-date weather forecasts for your region. It also allows front-desk staff to predict which external maintenance issues (such as black-ice or snow removal) need to be completed. Front-desk staff can also change assignments or rearrange tasks using protel’s drag-and-drop functionality, which makes it simple to rearrange and organize tasks and data. It also makes it easy to reassign tasks to other employees.

Track the Statuses of Each Room

Our software suite instantly allows workers to tell you when certain rooms are clean and available for booking. protel’s digital dashboard indicates the percentage of dirty rooms that require your staff’s attention. It also lists how many rooms staff members have skipped.

protel’s PMS automatically calculates room status completion rates using easy-to-read percentages. For instance, the dashboard will indicate that 55 per cent of rooms are clean, and 45 per cent are dirty. Every time a housekeeper finishes cleaning a room, it updates these percentages immediately.


hotel housekeeping management system

protel Housekeeping Room Status

Our Software Allows You to Track Staff Attendance and Cleaning Schedules

Most housekeeping managers must analyze and review their core data to ensure they deliver exceptional professional service. According to Hospitality Magazine, housekeeping is a labor-intensive field that requires dedicated staff to provide high-quality service.

Administrators must respond to the changing demands of hoteliers and customers, while they manage a transient workforce. protel’s PMS allows you to oversee your housekeeping staff. You can use our software to track employee attendance. 

Additionally, you can create schedules and work rosters for your team. Our platform also helps you to track and monitor how many of your workers showed up to work and generate cleaning plans based on your available workforce. protel’s platform allows housekeepers to view and update their schedules using their mobile devices in a simple-to-use, digital format.


Hotel Housekeeping system attendance sheet

protel Housekeeping Attendance Sheet

Our Management Software Has Features to Track Lost and Found Items

Hotel guests unintentionally leave behind belongings when they checkout of their hotel rooms and return home. According to, Americans collectively spend almost $2.7 billion to replace things they have lost. These items include shoes, keys, glasses, phones, wallets, and purses.

Our company’s PMS helps hotel staff keep track of objects found within your hotel rooms. Your staff can use our program to assign unique ID numbers and specific dates to trace when each item was found. You can also update the case status (whether it’s lost, found, or closed (returned to the customer)). 

You can even enter the place where employees or guests found each object, along with a description. Every time you update a record, protel’s software records it, so your hotel can stay aware. Are you looking for an outstanding platform to manage the housekeeping tasks at your hotel? 

You can rely on protel’s powerful property management software to run your business successfully. We currently serve more than 14,000 customers worldwide in the hospitality industry, including Best Western, Heikotel, and Coconut Waikiki Hotel. 

To learn more about our platform, contact us today.

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