As a hotelier, you understand the importance of looking after the health of your business, and that the best way to monitor health stats is by implementing intelligent reports. 

protel Air, protel’s cloud-based property management system, aims to improve how you receive, read, and digest your reports in order to ensure that you have all the information you need to make informed decisions that positively impact your property’s success. 

From years of industry feedback and experience, protel Air has enhanced how you receive hotel reports and statistics. For the better. 

Here’s how.

Overview Of Requisite Hotel Reports

The moment you log into protel Air, you are immediately able to have a quick look at the most important information. From this screen, you can quickly check guests in and out, check availability and view the week’s projected occupancy.

The navigation panel on the left side of the screen has further options you can take advantage of. In this case, it’s the Reporting tab that is of main interest to fastidious hoteliers like you.

A single click on it reveals a whole new world of reports. You can get data on expected arrivals, departures, in-house guests, room movies, wake-up calls, housekeeping, and much, much more.

You can also dive deeper into the rabbit hole and nano into specific departmental reports such as front office reports, management reports, interface reports, MICE reports, and precise reservation reports.


Engage With Guests While Generating Reports 

You can control the options in the Reports tab (1.) in numerous ways, depending on which ones you want to view. With just a click of the included filters, you can get to see specific reports.

What’s more, you can choose to export or print them out either as PDF or Excel sheets (2.). You can also send them via email for later viewing.

Subject to the nature of the reports you are after, the system may take some time to generate them. With some systems, you cannot do anything else while it’s crunching data. 

protel Air takes a different direction by compiling the information in the background, freeing you up to spend more time on what really matters, the guests. 


Take Advantage of The Multiple Filter Options to Customize Reports

In some cases for your hotel, the reports you see on the screen by default may not be exactly what you are looking for. 

Other times, you require historical data to help you craft a strategy that you and your management team aim to use in the future. 

In these and many other cases, the default reporting options may not be precisely what you need. 

protel Air filters allow you to switch up options and view reports in formats that specifically suit your needs. And, as a bonus, you can change reporting periods and metrics by using custom filters. You may need to try this to believe it – ask us for a demo. 


Customizable Lists

Under the Lists tab, the window offers Active Lists options. Active Lists are predefined reports such as arrivals, departures, no-shows, payments, voids, allotments, etc. 

You can also use a variety of filters like ‘time span’ for example to check arrivals and other metrics including rate codes, dates, room types, guest notes, previous room, and how many nights spent in the hotel.

The amazing thing is, you can customize and save all the lists you have made, and view them every time you open the Active Lists option. 

From these lists, you can further control different aspects of your operation, including canceling reservations, types of payments, meal plans, and much much more. 

Once you have saved the list view, you can set user permissions for each active list. You can have it as your little secret, or set it as the default view for all users. Once established, no one else can change it without your permission. 

The End of Day function also has reports and lists that you can customize. When ending the day, the system can generate individually created lists that you can use to gauge the performance on a day-to-day basis.

You can also set the recurrence of these reports, whether daily or weekly, and whether you’d like to view them as PDF or XLSX.


The Genius Analytics Dashboards

The side navigation panel holds a lot of features that are crucial to your operation. The Analytics tab hides a variety of useful options. 

If you, the manager, are away from the hotel, you can still be in touch with what is happening there. protel Air presents to you all this data using simple, striking graphical representations.

For example, with the History Pulse, you can view the past operational performance of the hotel over a preselected period of time.

If you want to check metrics from the previous day or week, you can quickly access them and gauge performance.  

The History Pulse can give you metrics going back three years and, as always, the filters allow you to view various metrics from revenue stats and in-house stats to arrivals and departures.

The Property Pulse gives you a snapshot of what’s happening at the property. Some of the metrics include daily occupancy, revenue & ADR statistics plus other common KPIs like inventory status. 

The Reservation Pulse shows you all the booking information, for example, how many rooms are occupied or if VIPs are present in the building.
The House Movement list shows you different kinds of essential data, such as arrivals expected, stayovers, arrivals completed, anticipated departures, and completed bookings.
protel specifically designed the Pick Up Pulse to help hoteliers see if they have lost revenue during difficult periods or whether business has improved.
You can see reservations cancelled within a period of your choice, and it can help you reach out to guests to inquire why you lost that business.



The hotel reporting features bundled into the protel Air make it the perfect PMS for every hotelier who loves to use data to build and develop forecasts, create marketing plans, guide budget planning and make the best decisions possible.

Furthermore, it is a great way to track progress, identify trends, and prevent loss by identifying abnormalities that may need further investigation.

If you’d like to see how protel Air can help power your property to the next level, request a demo today and get ready to be impressed by the boundless features built into this brilliant system.

Alternatively, take a tour through the other protel LIVE videos on LinkedIn and Facebook, where you can discover a myriad of other hospitality-driven features at your own pace.

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