protel SPE
Hotel management software for large and mid-market individual hotels

  • protel SPE supports all aspects of hotel management processes
  • Proactively manage large and mid-market hotel’s occupancy levels, raise efficiency and boost profits and revenues

The protel Single Property Edition is our exclusive hotel management software for mid-market operators and large individual hotels. Check in, serve and check out your guests with the greatest of ease: protel SPE provides effortless processes and fast, reliable access to all crucial information.

protel SPE is a mature, internationally proven hotel management software that provides powerful support for all your activities. Learn about your guests, their stays and their preferences. Proactively manage your hotel’s occupancy levels, raise efficiency and boost profits and revenues.

No matter which end of the market you may serve, protel SPE can support all your hotel management processes. As the core of a multi-module software product family, it contains essential front office features such as a multifunctional room plan, a room type plan, and the famous Navigator.

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protel SPE Features

protel SPE Room Plan

Setting a standard isn’t easy. But we succeeded with the multifunctional room plan.
In a flash, you can reserve rooms for individual travellers or entire groups, change bookings or move guests to different rooms. And protel SQL will automatically update all the details, including room status, billing and availability.

protel SPE Room Type Plan

With the active room type plan, you can closely track your occupancy situation, including available rooms, overbookings, allocations, options, waiting lists, percentage occupancy, et cetera. Simply drag and click to reserve your guests’ preferred room types. Even reserving groups across different types and time periods will become child’s play.

protel SPE Guest Profile

Each guest is unique, and the customizable guest profile is the perfect place to record what makes them unique. In addition to their address, reservation and revenue details, you can also keep track of guests’ personal preferences and requests. With each visit, you can get to know your guests better and have an ideal foundation for effective marketing.

protel SPE Navigator

Only one mouse click away: all the information and data entry features you need in your front office. The Navigator is protel’s main switchboard. From it, you have direct access to all the data associated with a particular guest. You can pull it up at any time ? just right-click the guest’s name in any list, in the room plan or in one of many dialogs.
As a result, you get instant access to your guest’s personal data, reservation details, billing details and all the notes recording your guest’s special requests.

protel SPE Sales Enquiry

When customers try to book a hotel room, they expect fast, attentive service.
With the sales enquiry, your staff can help your guests professionally and offer optimum rates. Press one key anywhere in the system, and you can activate the wizard for full-featured support with the reservation process.

protel SPE Rate Management

Room rates and availabilities are key criteria for your hotel’s business success – and the most important information for guests who wish to make a reservation over the internet or the phone. Use the rate management tool to specify a particular pricing strategy for your staff and guests – for individual days, weeks or even an entire year. It identifies your hotel’s current and expected occupancy, broken down by room category or individual room. This is the surest way to optimize your pricing.
Dynamic rate management is a great way to automatically optimize your average room rate. That’s why protel Rate Management enables you to set up strategies for each rate code and day.
In protel, you can assign rate codes at a fine degree of granularity – down to the individual day and room, if desired. protel will then automatically activate and deactivate rates depending on the strategy.
One application where rate management is absolutely essential is an internet booking engine that books rooms in real time. protel Rate Management sets the rate directly for whichever rooms the guests book online. And the internet rates rise and fall with demand as occupancy levels change.
In addition to rate availability, protel Rate Management also administers specified corporate rates at various levels. Likewise, rate availability restrictions can be overridden by properly authorized users.

protel SPE Reporting

protel SQL Front Office’s integrated reporting function provides for more insights into your business. Not only does it track key performance indicators on reservations, revenues, occupancy and average rates, but it also supports complex analytics such as period-specific analyses of market segments. Effortlessly import your data into Microsoft Excel for further manipulation as needed. Do you need to check up on your business while on the road? No problem! With nothing more than a web browser and an internet connection, you can retrieve your hotel’s data – any time, any place. The Microsoft SQL database provides the best guarantee that you can get the most out of your data with external analytical tools. Built-in business intelligence functions allow you to translate actionable information into informed action.

More functions

  • Deposit and accounts receivable management, reminders
  • Season and allocation management

protel MPE References

protel SPE References

Best Western Premier Blunsdon House Hotel

Swindon, Wiltshire – United Kingdom
120 Rooms
Additional modules: protel Banquet, protel Sales & Marketing
Contact person: Mr. Ben Clifford, T: +44 1793 72170

Best Western Premier Parkhotel Kronsberg

30539 Hanover, Germany
200 Rooms
Additional modules: protel Bankett, protel Sales & Marketing
Contact person: Ferdinand Bock, T: +49 511 87400

Nordsee Resort Hotel St. Peter

25826 St. Peter Ording, Germany
60 Rooms
Additional modules: protel WBE 3 (Web Booking Engine)
Contact person: Claudia Ehlers, T: +49 4863 904200

Mindness Hotel Bischofschloss

88677 Markdorf, Germany
44 Rooms
Contact person: Bernd Reutemann, T: +49 07544 50910

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