Upgrade the hotel guest experience with the protel guest journey

Guest experience apps make hotel guests smile

The protel Guest Journey shapes your guest experience in real time

Great communication is essential for a hotel's guest experience

When a guest checks out, his level of satisfaction will depend mostly on how well he feels he was cared for. With guest facing applications such as mobile apps, messaging systems or questionnaire tools, a hotel can specifically influence how a guest experiences and evaluates the hotel’s services.

protel offers a complete suite of these custom-tailored solutions for communicating with guests. All modules are seamlessly integrated both with each other as well as with the hotel’s central management system. 

Happy guest looks at smartphone and receives message from hotel staff.
Personal messaging
Intuitive and non-intrusive
Front desk staff.
Optimise workflows
More time to take care of hotel guests
Hotel guests under white blanket.
Quick Check In
Don't let your guests waste time checking in

Rocco Forte and protel are mobile together

“Even the reception manager of the hotel stated that the app helps to speed up check-in by offering the most up-to-date statuses, so he is happy too.“

Emmanuel Clavé, Group Information Technology Director