Features: protel Air Housekeeping

Housekeeping, Maintenance and Lost & Found Features

Keep track of all housekeeping operations

Connect the housekeeping teams with all other departments of your hotel. protel Air's housekeeping features ensure that maids are in contact with technical staff and vice versa, while front desk receives reliable updates about room status. Also retrieve and catalogue guest's belongings that have been left behind. Save valuable time and resources by increasing in-house efficiency! 

Housekeeping maid in a hotel room

Maid Management

See what needs to be done at a glance. The housekeeping list shows arrivals, departures, the duration of the stay, and the number of persons per room. This allows arrivals to be assigned to cleaned rooms and the housekeeping team to be assigned to departures. You can immediately see the status of each room and whether a room is “clean” or “out of order.”

Lost & Found

The Lost And Found list enables you to manage items which have been forgotten or lost by your guests. The three status details Lost items, Found items and sent enables you to portray the entire work flow: from finding an item to its being returned to the guest.

Room Maintenance

The room maintenance list enables you to manage repairs and maintenance work. When compiling new maintenance tasks, you can also simultaneously change the room status, so that the room cannot be booked during the extent of the maintenance.