protel Air Features

Cloud based hotel software

How can protel Air help you?

protel Air is a cloud based hotel management software. We included all the features that make protel hotelsoftware a trusted partner for every type of hotel since 20 years. 

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Start screen of the protel Air cloud application

Check, change or create reservations with the room plan feature

In the multi-functional room plan you can book rooms for single guests or a group, change reservations and directly access all guest data. Even a guest moving from one room to another no longer means additional work for you: protel Air will automatically change all relevant details such as room status, invoicing and availability. 

  • Multi-functional room plan
  • Create and change reservations anytime
  • Direct access to all guest data
  • Automatic update of all details such as room status and availability
  • Display of all reservation data



Reservations in the protel Air Room Plan

Guest Profiles help you keep track of your regular customers

The clearly structured tabs of the protel Air guest profile allow easy and fast access to address and contact data. They provide the reservation and invoice history of each guest, including graphs displaying generated revenue. Individual notes and keywords facilitate personal and individual guest service. 

  • All guest information and specific guest wishes at your fingertips
  • Clear overview through tabs for easy access to address and contact data
  • Personal service by entering notes and adding guest codes
  • Allocation of VIP codes in the guest profile (longstay, regular guest, VIP)
  • Private, businesses- and other profiles



Edit guest profiles and keep track in your protel Air Central Reservation System

protel Air Reporting takes your business to the next level

The hotel’s daily routines generate a vast amount of data. The protel Air Reporting gathers and manages this data to support your operative business. This enables you to make quick and safe decisions for every facet of your business. 

  • Various daily and manager reports
  • Various filter options per report for a precise search
  • Retrieval of reports either as PDF or Excel spreadsheet
  • Cost-effective through Open Office connection, MS Word is not required
  • Comfortable distribution of reports using the online Cloud storage tool “Dropbox”



Export reports about your hotel business

Active Lists help you search all your data

Active lists in protel Air are an essential resource for the daily work at the front desk. All information and functions are right at hand when needed. The entries in the interactive lists link to the dialogs, with which they can be edited. 

  • Content and appearance fully customizable
  • Search by pre-defined filter criteria
  • Show or hide columns
  • Save all list settings
  • Print or export as spread sheet
  • User defined lists



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