protel Air Hotel Management Software


Easy to learn. Saves money. Made in Germany.

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Why use cloud-based hotel management software?

In a word, for the simplicity. Software delivered via an internet browser saves valuable time. Time spent maintaining a costly IT-infrastructure locally, for example. 

protel Air is a comprehensive hotel management solution that reliably supports all areas of front office work, irrespective of the scale of operations.

Thanks to the cloud, the range of traditional functionalities are improved and updated behind the scenes, guaranteeing a robust and finely tuned toolset for the demanding professional.

Discover how protel can help your daily hotel operations.


Fill your rooms

Manage reservations, check-In, check-Out, and night audits.

Get to know your guests

Complete guest profiles, see their history with your hotel and create personalised messages.

Optimise your business

Manage rates, groups, inquiries and inventory.

Manage your staff

Schedule operations, task janitors, manage maids, refill items - even mobile.
protel Housekeeping lists - keeps track of cleaning and maintenace staff

Learn how Rocco Forte improves its operations with protel

"Hospitality is very important, it’s about the human contact and the touch interaction with your guest, so we don’t want to take that away. This is the key to a successful hospitality business. Any new application introduced to staff also needs to make the actual work faster, otherwise the guest will suffer."

Emmanuel Clavé, Group Information Technology Director

A detailed look at protel's cloud hotel software

  • Room plan and reservations

    This video will take a detailed look at protel Air's Room Plan and show easy it is to make a reservation.

  • The protel Air Active Desktop (0:43 seconds)

    protel Air always opens with the special “Active” Desktop view. This is where you can view details on Arrivals, In-House Reservations and Departures. This is also where you can check guests in and out, open the guest profile and modify it if needed.

  • Create a new reservation (0:48 seconds)

    The room plan presents a practical overview of all reservations. The gried view displays room and timeline information for all current reservations. Here you can simply drag and drop a brand new reservation.


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