Higher occupancy rate with protel for Tablets

Manage your hotel. Anywhere you want.

Powerful hotel software on iOS and Android Tablets

Mobile Workstation

Your front office to go

Take your front office with you! Your work becomes much more efficient, if you’re not bound to a specific location. All of your staff is connected, making it possible to check in guests, create new reservations or check on guest data.

Faster Front Desk

Quick check via QR Code

Get rid of that unnecessary paper work! Reduce waiting time at your reception and support your staff during peak hours. Guests can check in electronically and get to enjoy their stay right away.

Native App

Built for iOS and Android Tablets

We’ve designed our mobile hotel management software as a native app for iOS and Android, making sure that your hotel software runs at best possible performance levels. Get your mobile hotel software in the Google Play Store or on iTunes.

All Functionalities

As powerful as on desktop

Our tablet PMS features the same powerful functionalities as the desktop version. Stay in control of your hotel with its easy-to-use layout and real time data transfer to your front office.

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