Expert jury impressed by new protel Web Booking Engine

Dortmund, March 22, 2012 – In view of continuously rising distribution costs, direct sales via the hotel website and other online channels are becoming increasingly important. At the invitation of protel hotelsoftware GmbH, seventeen experts of the hotel industry gathered at the beginning of March to get to know the brand new protel Web Booking Engine and to meet up with protel developers and product managers to discuss concepts for the most effective direct online sales solution.

Hoteliers, hospitality consultants as well as marketing and tourism management experts who attended the expert group hosted by protel at the ITB in Berlin all agreed: For years now, the amount of bookings via commission-based distribution channels makes up a continuously increasing share of the total booking volume which results in ever-rising distribution costs. Hoteliers are starting to take online distribution back into their own hands by thinking about direct online booking strategies.

It was soon clear that all participants had been contemplating this before. “If you had five wishes for your dream-web-booking-engine, what would they be?” This was the opening line of hotel marketing expert Gabriele Schulze, host of protel’s expert round table. It took the participants only a few minutes to gather more than fifty concrete requirements. This set the bar high for protel’s developers, who then presented the new protel WBE 4.0 live to the critical eyes of this expert jury.

The thoroughly positive feedback on the new WBE confirmed the perused objectives defined during conceptualization: Following models of leading e-commerce websites, individualized offers aim to provide a personal and enjoyable shopping experience in the Internet. And the virtually unlimited possibilities of combining rate and product information add to this pleasant experience. “I’m sold!” was only one of the many spontaneous enthusiastic comments after the presentation. After more than four hours of lively discussions, the group parted knowing they’ve started paving the way to “the Web Booking Engine of the next generation.”