Happy hotel guest with voyager

The hotel software app that shapes the guest experience

Let your guests discover your hotel with protel Voyager

Guest experience improved

Easy access to all hotel services

Personalise the guest's stay and make them aware of current offers, like specials on the menu or discounts on spa treatments, or check invoices or even use it as a room key!

Built on web technology

Runs on all mobile devices, thanks to the cloud

To access Voyager you don't need to download the app from the Play Store or iTunes, just distribute access during check-in. It's a web app, so it's ready to go and works on all devices.

Easily adjustable settings

Match your own corporate design

Let your guests take part in the full brand experience of you hotel business. You can customize Voyager's look to perfectly match you corporate design.

In sync with your hotel software

Seamless integration with your front office

Get all information in real time in your hotel software by protel. Track what your guests are doing, optimise you business and increase your revenue.

More about protel Voyager

  • Reach out to your guests all along their journey
  • Voyager desktop view on an iPad
  • Navigate through all hotel services using the voyager smartphone app
  • Order a meal via room service using voyager by protel hotelsoftware