Smartphone screens with the protel housekeeping app

Get housekeeping done faster, have more time for guests

Connect your housekeeping team with front office and save time

Housekeeping List

Check and change the stay status

Check and change the occupy state (occupied, vacant) and the room status (cleaned, dirty, touched, cleaning in progress, checked).

Maintenance Requests

Create and edit orders, add new pictures

Create and edit maintenance orders, add pictures using the smartphone camera. Send this to your facility manager directly without making an extra trip!

Minibar Tracking

Enter refill items and generate invoices

Check the status of your guest's minibar and do the billing on the fly. All data will be sent to the front desk directly.

Lost & Found Management

Identify lost items and sync it with your guest data

Create and edit entries, add new pictures using the smartphone. Items are immediately shown in protel Front Office.

Facility Manager: Got it already!

"The photographs enable me to see exactly which room fixture needs replacing or repair and lets me go to the room with the appropriate equipment in hand. This saves me an extra trip. Now, I also receive an email when a new maintenance task has been created, which is really great and I can now react even quicker."

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