protel Global Support

protel Global Support

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Customer Support Portal

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You can create, update and manage your support tickets via our easy-to-use customer support portal.   Further details about how to access and use the portal can be found here.

Support User's Guide

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Further information about all of our support offerings and how you can make the best use of protel support can be found in our support user’s guide. Download it here.

Telephone Support

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Of course, customers may also contact our global support center by phone:


Germany:   +49 231 915 93 555   (Local Number)

Austria:   +43 1 3619 8770  (Local Number)

USA:  +1 888 511 7879  (US Toll Free)


Note that international telephone charges may apply when calling these numbers from outside these territories.

Email Support

Help, in your Inbox

You may also open a new support ticket or send a support query via email to  If you know the specialist support team that you would like to contact, you can also email them directly:

On Premise SPE/MPE Support


protel Air Support

Distribution/IDS Support


WBE Support

Interface Support


Projects Team



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