Sustainability has played a major role from the initial planning of the hotel, through its construction since November 2011, and continues to be Hotel Verde’s prime directive. With a decisiveness which had been unknown on the African Continent, the project team has utilized cutting edge technology and innovative practices in every area of the hotel. This started with the use of locally sourced suppliers during the construction period in order to support the local economy, for example. Construction materials were also chosen based upon ecological factors such as their environmental compatibility. Work procedures at the construction site ensured the preservation and protection of the natural wetlands in the area.

One important environmentally friendly aspect was the so-called “dematerialized” method of building. The aim of this method was the economical use of construction materials. When building the hotel, the use of completely recycled polypropylene balls, for example, helped drastically reduce the amount of concrete used, while maintaining the building’s structural integrity. The 35% lighter concrete slabs helped reduce the use of building elements and reinforcement with, for example, 40% fewer columns for a building of the same size using conventional concrete slabs.

The intelligent operation of in-house technology and business procedures are especially important for the owners of the hotel, Mario and Annemarie Delicio. The Delicios have found a partner with the necessary understanding in Ankerdata, protel’s business partner in South Africa. Ankerdata implemented a highly integrative solution whose core unit is made up of the protel SPE hotel management system. The directive of sustainability also plays an important role here: While managing guests and reservations, the system also utilizes information from the building management systems – much to the advantage of the environment. For each day they do not use their air conditioners, environmentally responsible guests receive a discount.

About Ankerdata

Ankerdata (Pty) Ltd, is a quality POS and solutions provider focusing on the development, marketing and maintenance of inventory control and interactive POS solutions. Their primary goal is to provide their customers with the latest affordable technologies to ensure that they gain and maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets. Since 1976, Ankerdata have invested considerable resources in research and development. The resulting systems have benefited small, medium and large sector enterprises. Ankerdata is an official business partner of protel hotelsoftware, Germany.